8-Axis Linear Robotic Feeder targets press room applications.

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Able to transport and orient parts in various directions, FEEDERplus8 provides for maximum flexibility in feeding of blanks to complex dies and in parts removal. Feeder can process 10-12 large parts/min and can be installed in small press gaps with min distance of 6,500 mm between press tables. Designed for payload of 120 kg including blank, tooling, and tooling adapter, feeder can optionally be equipped with system for automatic tooling change.

Original Press Release:

Introducing Freedom of Movement: FEEDERplus8

Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany - Handling expert STROTHMANN extends its range of feeders by the new FEEDERplus8, an eight axis linear robot system which can transport and orient parts in various directions. The additional degrees of freedom provide for maximum flexibility in the feeding of blanks to complex dies and in parts removal. The new feeder can be installed in small press gaps with a minimum distance of 6,500 mm between the press tables. The coordinated movement of the axes allows for the processing of ten to twelve large parts, e.g. side members, per minute.

"When we designed the FEEDERplus8, we considered our customers' demands on its applicability", says Derek Clark, CEO of STROTHMANN. "The feeder can also be installed in existing press applications with a small opening stroke because at about 250 mm, the orientation axis is very lean and can access all dies horizontally. Our advantage is apparent: one feeder per press gap is sufficient to remove the parts from the press, orient them, and feed them into the following press", says Clark. The FEEDERplus8 has been de-signed for a payload of approx. 120 kg including blank, tooling, and tooling adapter. It can optionally be equipped with a system for automatic tooling change, which is attached to a crossbar by means of a saddle or an adapter for the robot tooling. The tooling can then be picked up and exchanged automatically; it can be made available via a shuttle system or by attaching it to the respective die set. Thus, set-up times during die change can be reduced to a minimum. "A customer from overseas was deeply impressed with the feeder's flexibility and performance. Following the demonstration, the company imme-diately placed an order. It plans to fit its complete press line with this model in the future", says Clark.

Company Background

STROTHMANN has been a force of innovation in transport and handling facilities ever since the company was founded in 1976. With decades of experience in press shop automation, STROTHMANN supplies complete handling solutions for press lines, from destackers, blank loaders and sophisticated centering stations to highly dynamic stacking and destacking feeders including suction frames and tooling systems as well as control and information systems. STROTHMANN's MagShuttleTM, which features linear inductive motors, demonstrates the untapped potential of LinearRobot technology. The patented RoundTrack® floor rail system enables users to implement new, productive forms of organization in flow production lines. Due to an extremely low rolling resistance, RoundTracks® allow for simple and inexpensive planar transport of heavy loads within a production site, e.g. in airplane and transformer production. STROTHMANN's highly dynamic linear feeders, which are patented as well, are used in a wide range of logistics solutions in the derived timber and automotive industries and other industrial automation applications.

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