6R Supply Shifts to Biobased Industrial Supply Product Line

DENVER, CO -- 6R Supply Inc. has announced the transition to a wholly biobased industrial supply product line. This product line offers clients additional options for industrial hydraulic fluids, lubricants and solvents that are readily biodegradable, non-hazardous and do not use petroleum or its derivatives as base ingredients.

"This shift opens 2 new markets in Colorado: Federal BioPreferred purchasing and the Energy Industry," said Michael Logan, President of 6R Supply. "We can now replace a number of drilling fluids, greases and hydraulic fluids with high lubricity, readily biodegradable alternatives that reduce wear and can decrease accidental spill risk." 

The USDA's BioPreferred Program was adopted through the 2002 Farm Bill to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products that provide opportunities to increase domestic demand for renewable commodities and decrease dependence on foreign oil. The program has recently re-opened its BioPreferred Bioproduct Certification and Labeling program after discontinuing the process in January due to lack of funding.

Biodegradability measures the decomposition of organic matter when exposed to sunlight, water and microbes. "With regards to biodegradability, it greatly reduces long term spill cleanup when there is no long term" said Logan.  There are generally 2 categories of biodegradability; Inherently Biodegradable and Readily Biodegradable. Readily biodegradable matter will decompose to CO2 and H2O between 60% - 100% within 28 days. Inherently biodegradable matter will decompose between 20% - 60% within the same period.

"The decision to shift to a biobased product line was not difficult," said Logan, "We had some products that were GreenSeal approved but contained SARA reportable chemicals and products that were petroleum based.  We wanted to support the transition to BioBased Economy; however needed to provide our clients with products that didn't compromise performance.  We believe the new product line accomplishes these goals." said Logan.

A BioBased Economy uses multiple biological feedstocks to replace base chemicals, fuels and fluids that were previously derived from petroleum. With second generation biotechnologies the feedstocks available are broad, including crop waste and other non-food sources while providing the same level of value. By using BioBased feedstocks carbon is taken from the atmosphere, sequestered by plants, and then chemically, enzymatically or thermally altered in biorefineries to produce the desired product. This changes the industrial carbon cycle and brings us closer to a net zero GHG contribution.

About 6R Supply:

6R Supply is dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions to industrial processes by replacing conventional facilities products with more sustainable, BioBased industrial supplies. 6R Supply provides environmentally sustainable industrial supplies to manufacturing, energy industries, and governments that reduce toxicity throughout their operations and facilities.

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