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Quantum Network Suite enables creation of new services while solving network congestion issues created by data traffic from smartphones and other multimedia devices. Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) platform offers lets Service Providers control, monetize, and personalize network and application services via virtualized rules engine. Network-aware mobile data services engine detects and adjusts for mobile core congestion in real-time, maximizing session capacity and user QoE.

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BroadHop Announces Quantum Leap in Policy Technology - Introduces Industry's Most Advanced Open Policy PCRF Platform

Quantum Network Suite Delivers the First Fully Virtualized PCRF Application - Providing Solutions to the Toughest Problems Faced by Mobile and Fixed Operators

DENVER -- BroadHop, Inc. (, the industry's deployment leader in policy management and control solutions for service providers, today announced the release of the Quantum Network Suite, the industry's most advanced open policy management and control platform. Designed specifically for intelligent broadband services and next-generation mobile data and application delivery, the Quantum Network Suite enables the creation of new services while also solving critical network congestion issues created by data traffic from smartphones and other new multimedia devices.

The Quantum Network Suite incorporates a revolutionary new virtualized rules engine that enables Service Providers to Control, Monetize and Personalize network and application services and delivers a series of firsts for the policy industry:

-- Provides a network aware mobile data services engine that detects and adjusts for mobile core congestion in real time, maximizing session capacity and user quality of experience
-- Ensures an outstanding customer experience by creating policies that manage network resources, enable two-way communication between service providers and subscribers, and allow individual subscribers to personalize policies themselves
-- Enables service providers and solution integrators to use industry standard tools and technologies to rapidly create new policy blueprints - and enable dynamic linking of their proprietary applications to the Quantum Network policy platform.
-- Delivers a fully virtualized software application architecture enabling massive scaling and resiliency independent of the hardware layer - an industry first for policy technology that makes the current generation of policy applications obsolete.

"The Quantum Network Suite is the first end-to-end, open policy management platform that empowers service providers to take back control of their network and customer relationships," said William Diotte, president and CEO of BroadHop, Inc. "The revolutionary architecture of the Quantum platform enables service providers to use industry standard development tools and languages to create new policies or integrate existing policies and applications for any network. This leap in flexibility and power is what makes BroadHop both the policy industry's deployment leader and its technology leader."

BroadHop's new fully compliant PCRF architecture enables service providers to rapidly create new policies without the need to develop and integrate proprietary policy scripts tied to a specific vendor solution. With the Quantum platform, service providers can personalize services at an individual level, while reducing the time to create new services by a factor of more than 10x based on the current generation of policy platforms. BroadHop has implemented a first-of-its-kind technology that enables service providers to share real time network status information with individual subscribers using mobile and broadband applications on their smartphones, netbooks and laptops. This enables subscribers to view their service and network status at a glance, allows service providers to track and respond to subscriber quality of service, and provides a two-way interactive communication link between subscribers and providers - a prerequisite for service providers to build stronger, more lasting customer relationships, to better manage customer expectations, and to deliver tiered-service and pricing plans.

"As new devices such as smart phones and 'tablets' continue to generate data traffic that threatens to overwhelm existing network capacity, operators recognize that they cannot simply build their way out of this problem," said Shira Levine, directing analyst for next-gen OSS and policy at industry analyst firm Infonetics Research. "As a result, they're looking at policy control solutions as a tool for more intelligent network management that also enables them to offer consumers more innovative services and capabilities, such as flexible pricing, targeted advertising and enhanced parental controls. Operators are also increasingly interested in convergent policy control solutions that allow them to handle policy decisions according to dynamic criteria across multiple network and service types, allowing them to create a more uniform customer experience."

Policy creation and application linking on the Quantum Network Suite is incredibly intuitive because BroadHop enables the latest industry standard development tools and frameworks to be dynamically linked directly to the Quantum Policy Framework. Service providers and solution integrators can now leverage their experience and the millions of application developers using these technologies to develop and link innovative new applications and services for delivery over the network - without requiring specialized knowledge of the network topology, communication protocols, or operational software layer. Developers and integrators can now maintain their focus on business rules and application interface, without the need to build-in network access, resource and charging/billing logic into their application. The Quantum Network Suite enables service providers to create and deliver innovative and compelling new policy-driven services such as:

-- Solving the problem of mobile data network overload and QoS
-- Cloud-based policy control for retail applications and hosted enterprise solutions (XaaS)
-- Intelligent mobile data offload solutions to protect the 3G mobile core
-- Multi-service Quota Balance Management for Fair Use applications
-- Location and Identity-based Services, Ads and Content
-- Personalized Parental Controls and Security solutions for families
-- Intelligent subscriber-aware Broadband and Carrier-Ethernet services
-- Fixed-Mobile converged services, including the latest Femto-cell deployments

The Quantum Network Software Suite is now available for commercial deployment and technical trials with service providers. Additional details and other product information can be found at:

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Deployed by more than 60 telecom service providers serving more than 200 million subscribers in 25 countries, BroadHop's policy solutions enable service providers to control network resources in real time, monetize new services and applications, and deliver personalized, identity-based services in wireless and wireline networks. BroadHop products enable service providers to deliver converged applications, content and services over multi-access networks, so they can quickly build new revenue streams, reduce operating expenses, and create competitive advantage in their markets. For more information on BroadHop and its products, visit

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