Mobile VPN Software enhances security for mobile workers.

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Mobility XE(TM) v8.0 intelligently extends corporate security policies to mobile devices without needlessly impacting mobile worker productivity. Through this mobile virtual private network (VPN) software, real-time applications such as VoIP and streaming video can be deployed while maintaining quality, even over wireless networks. Secure connections to applications are maintained as mobile workers move through wireless coverage gaps and across various networks.

Original Press Release:

NetMotion Wireless Enhances Network Security for Mobile Workers and IT Administrators

- NetMotion launches Mobility XE 8.0 with Mobile Network Access Control features and optimization for wireless VoIP and Video -

Seattle, Wash. - May 5 - NetMotion Wireless, a leading provider of mobile productivity and management software, announced today that it released version 8.0 of Mobility XE (TM), the company's award-winning mobile virtual private network (VPN) software. This latest version provides new security controls that intelligently extend corporate security policies to mobile devices without needlessly impacting mobile worker productivity. In addition, enterprise customers can now use the software to reliably deploy real-time applications like Voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video while maintaining high quality, even over wireless networks prone to high packet loss.

NetMotion's core client-server software, Mobility XE, enables mobile workers to maintain secure connections to applications as they move through wireless coverage gaps and across various networks. Used by more than 1,200 business and agencies, NetMotion Wireless' software works across Windows(TM)-based laptops and mobile devices.

"In today's mobile economy, it's imperative that we both anticipate and deliver on innovations that enable our customers to maximize productivity and stay competitive," said Bob Hunsberger, President and CEO of NetMotion Wireless. "Our latest version of Mobility XE allows IT administrators to build flexible and intelligent security policies for their mobile workers and implement new VoIP and video applications, without compromising productivity."

Mobile Network Access Control (NAC)

Mobility XE version 8.0 was specifically designed to meet the unique security and connectivity needs of highly mobile field personnel. It allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, but gives administrators greater control and flexibility over how and when to administer remediation policies. The intelligent Mobile Network Access Control (NAC) features of Mobility XE are compatible with many leading security products, allowing administrators to automatically check compliance for required software, including:

o Antivirus;
o Antispyware;
o Firewall;
o Operating system version;
o Windows Update status;
o Registry keys;
o Processes and files;
o Mobility XE client version; and
o Other applications.

Unlike remote desktop users or casual mobile users, highly mobile field personnel such as public safety officers, home healthcare workers or field service technicians often log onto the network while at patients' or customers' homes, at the point of service. IT administrators that support highly mobile field forces need security solutions that protect their networks without impacting the productivity of the mobile professionals they serve. In these situations, automatic security policies that force users to perform non-critical software upgrades diminish productivity.

With Mobility XE version 8.0, Mobile NAC typically deploys in minutes, without any need to reconfigure network infrastructure. A simple NAC wizard makes it easy to configure and enforce access security policies. Unlike automatic security policies that force users to perform non-critical software updates before allowing access, Mobile NAC integrates with Mobility XE's Policy Management module, giving administrators flexibility and control over the response to a device that does not meet security guidelines. Based on severity and even the speed of the worker's connection, administrators may choose from a host of options, including simple warnings, triggering customizable remediation policies that can limit application access, initiating software downloads, or disconnecting or quarantining the device altogether. As rules are updated, they are automatically pushed down to client devices, and devices are automatically rescanned at regular intervals to ensure ongoing compliance.

Improving Wireless VoIP Quality

In addition to Mobile NAC features, Mobility XE, now for the first time, also dramatically improves the performance, reliability and quality of real-time applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video streaming over wireless networks.

"As businesses and government agencies deploy the newest real-time applications for their mobile workforce, it's important for them to know that their existing investments in wireless technology will be utilized fully," said Nathan Dyer, senior analyst, Yankee Group. "Solutions like NetMotion Wireless' Mobile VPN make it possible for enterprises to optimize their mobile implementations and take advantage of converging trends in VoIP and streaming video as their use extends to multiple wireless environments."

More than 70 percent of companies are planning some form of IP telephony within the next two years according to the Yankee Group, with 37 percent of large organizations of over 10,000 employees being the largest users to date. As use of wireless technology within the enterprise - and on the road - continues to become more pervasive, organizations will need a reliable means to deliver VoIP calls via disparate wireless networks. Using advanced packet-loss recovery techniques, Mobility XE improves VoIP call quality without requiring any modifications to customers' VoIP software. In areas of degraded wireless coverage, Mobility XE can maintain call quality even with up to 70 percent packet loss, whereas VoIP calls over conventional VPNs can degrade significantly, to the point that a conversation is unintelligible, with as little as 10 percent packet loss. Also, Mobility XE can maintain a VoIP call initiated on a laptop or smartphone, even when users roam between Wi-Fi and wireless wide-area networks.

In addition, Mobility XE supports advanced traffic-shaping to guarantee VoIP traffic receives priority over other applications, ensuring that the call is allocated as much of the available bandwidth as is necessary to maintain call quality, regardless of the wireless network in use. The policies can be deployed in minutes and significantly improve the reliability and quality of almost any real-time application.

Potential applications include:

o Secure, VoIP calls over Wi-Fi in hospitals and other campuses;
o Integrated instant messaging (IM) and VoIP communications on new Windows-based smartphones and laptops for mobile professionals;
o Reducing international calling charges of field personnel for internationally dependent fleet management or shipping companies;
o Maximizing network call efficiency for bandwidth constrained wireless network operators as they transition to IP-based networks; and
o Other applications.

Improving Wireless Video Quality

While wireless video today remains dominated by consumer entertainment services, the technology will have growing importance for business and government agencies in the years ahead. To date, however, limited bandwidth and other factors have inhibited its development across wide-area networks. Mobility XE 8.0 includes packet loss recovery and compression features that improve streaming video quality over multiple wireless networks.

Potential applications include:

o Real-time, on-scene video feeds for police and other law enforcement agencies;
o Video conferencing between mobile sales professionals and the home office;
o Video-based training or "how to" videos for on-scene repair technicians in various industries;
o Secure video connections for military or emergency response deployments; and
o Other applications.

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About NetMotion Wireless

Based in Seattle, NetMotion Wireless' software enables businesses and agencies to maintain and optimize connections to applications as their mobile workers move in and out of wireless coverage areas and across various networks. NetMotion's award-winning Mobile VPN, Mobility XE, enhances mobile worker productivity at more than 1,200 of the world's most respected organizations across multiple industries including utilities, healthcare, communications, public safety, local government, transportation and many others. For more information about NetMotion Wireless or its products, please visit or call (206) 691-5500.


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