CES Suite aids in service provider digital transformation.

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Amdocs Customer Experience Systems (CES) portfolio provides service providers with network-connected applications for creation, delivery, and control of value-added services. In addition to offering storefront capabilities for creating personalized retail experience, CES lets mobile operators/partners monetize revenue derived from search and digital advertising. Multi-channel order handover capabilities leverage SOA, and unified UI spans CRM, ordering, and collection applications.

Original Press Release:

Amdocs Accelerates Digital Transformation for Service Providers with Industry's Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Customer Experience Systems

Company follows ambitious industry transformation vision announced in November with Amdocs Customer Experience Systems (CES) portfolio to enable service providers to deliver the digital lifestyle at an accelerated pace and lower cost

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 16 -- Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), the leading provider of customer experience systems (CES), today announced the launch of Amdocs CES product portfolio, the industry's most comprehensive and integrated portfolio of modular customer experience systems. As laid out in the Amdocs CES Blueprint announced in November 2007, the new portfolio is designed to help service providers make the transformation from suppliers of network utilities to purveyors of a digital lifestyle. Blending new technology with products recently acquired by Amdocs, Amdocs CES addresses both the technology required for the transformation and how service providers can improve all customer interactions, such as a targeted mobile ad or a customer service call.

According to a 2007 report by a global business consulting firm, 80 percent of company executives said their companies provide a "superior" customer experience. But only 8 percent of their customers agreed. The Amdocs CES product portfolio enables providers to overcome this disconnect by helping them make the infrastructure transformation needed to deliver superior customer experiences across the "three screens" -- television, personal computers and mobile devices -- for any service and at any location.

The key solutions built into Amdocs CES are:
-- Search and digital advertising: In a related announcement today (amdocs.com/press/SDA), Amdocs introduced new products designed to help mobile operators and their partners fully monetize revenue derived from search and digital advertising.
-- Digital commerce: New storefront capabilities incorporated into Amdocs' Qpass digital commerce platform give service providers the ability to create a personalized retail experience. With new Qpass product capabilities such as personalized merchandising, service delivery and partner management, providers can bring new products and services to market faster to drive revenue and adoption.
-- Unified user interface technology for improved usability and accelerated performance: Based on the recently announced Amdocs Smart Client Framework -- a next-generation presentation layer for all employee-facing applications -- the new interface is designed to improve service calls, speed changes in the user interface and greatly reduce the costs of operations. It spans CRM, ordering and collections applications.
-- Business process-driven integration and verification: Amdocs CES product portfolio incorporates Amdocs' 25 years of business process best practices expertise, including deep experience in leading the most significant and advanced next generation transformation projects in the industry. Beyond simple pre-integration, Amdocs has built on its integration leadership to verify key business process flows across the portfolio, accelerating and reducing the risk of transformation.

"As service providers face competition from an entirely new breed of market players, they are moving from differentiating on metrics such as price and bundles of minutes to differentiating on the customer experience they are able to provide," said Shira Levine, senior research analyst, next generation OSS and billing, at IDC. "This shift necessitates a significant transformation, from both a process and a tools perspective, as they build the customer facing systems required to support this new paradigm."

Numerous providers, including long-time Amdocs customer Megafon, are already planning transformations that can be aided by the solutions included in the Amdocs CES product portfolio. "Megafon is a longstanding customer of Amdocs and it deeply understands our commitment to being a customer-centric enterprise. Megafon has deployed a number of solutions including CRM and salesforce automation," said Ella Lokshina, director of customer operations and customer relationship management, Megafon. "Amdocs continues to demonstrate innovation in customer experience, and its new CES portfolio delivers the integrated technology and business processes necessary to undertake a strategic transformation in order to consistently deliver the best customer experience possible."

"Telecommunications and broadband service providers are ideally suited to accelerate convergence, given their heritage of network and service expertise, and their wealth of customer insight," said Guy Dubois, executive vice president at Amdocs. "Our role at Amdocs is to provide the bridge that service providers need to accelerate their transformation with lower risk, and Amdocs CES product portfolio is the keystone of that bridge. By combining the industry's most complete and modular suite of network-bridged customer experience systems; proven delivery services, and; unmatched next generation transformation expertise, we enable service providers to connect with other players in the value chain -- such as advertisers and media companies -- to engineer the simple, personal, and valuable customer experiences that will assure success in a converged industry."

Additional Amdocs CES Product Portfolio features

Among the many other new and enhanced features in Revenue Management, Customer Management, and Operations Support Services, central to the product portfolio are:

-- Multi-channel order handover capabilities that leverage service oriented architecture (SOA): The new portfolio includes multi-channel purchasing capabilities supported by seamless order handover, view and management across the Web, contact center and television touch points. By leveraging SOA principles, this feature enables providers to design products that allow improved customer experiences, such as cross-channel ordering. For example, a user can start ordering a product online, stop mid-order, and then call an agent -- who would have all up-to-date information to complete the transaction.
-- Information management: An enhanced Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog can now be deployed to support both non-Amdocs and Amdocs applications. The solution helps optimize product lifecycle management across the enterprise, providing the essential link between product definition in BSS and OSS, so that new products and services can be implemented more quickly, speeding time to market and order fulfillment. It also conforms to industry standards such as the TM Forum Shared Information/Data (SID) model.
-- Service delivery and control: Amdocs CES product portfolio delivers a new suite of network-connected applications for the rapid and low-cost creation, delivery and control of innovative, value-added services. The new products include a powerful service creation environment, real-time session control, application and media servers and network gateways to deliver new services in just weeks. The products leverage assets acquired by Amdocs in its 2007 acquisition of SigValue.

Amdocs CES will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 11 - 14, 2008.

About the Amdocs CES Blueprint

The Amdocs CES Blueprint is the first visionary outline of the operating environment communications service providers need to establish in order to transform from providers of utility voice, data and video services into purveyors of the digital lifestyle. The blueprint allows providers to deliver a seamless customer experience-personalized, participatory and timely across any service, location and device. The Amdocs CES Blueprint leverages Amdocs comprehensive business process best practices based on real-world scenarios, and transcends traditional business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS) and service delivery platforms (SDPs) to encompass all current and emerging customer experience business processes. For more information, go to http://amdocs.com/Site/Vision/ces.htm.

About Amdocs

Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation, enabling world-leading service providers to deliver an integrated, innovative and intentional customer experience(TM) at every point of service. Amdocs provides solutions that deliver customer experience excellence, combining the software, service and expertise to help its customers execute their strategies and achieve service, operational and financial excellence. A global company with revenue of $2.84 billion in fiscal 2007, Amdocs has more than 16,000 employees and serves customers in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit Amdocs at http://www.amdocs.com/.

CONTACT: Darcy Hansen of Amdocs, +1-415-806-1439, darcy.hansen@amdocs.com


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