Joint Seal features double-sided design.

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Featuring acrylic-impregnated cellular foam core, SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS fills and seals interior and exterior of structural joint openings in single step while insulating and attenuating sound. Both visible outer faces are coated with low-modulus, colored silicone bellows. Eliminating screws, anchors, and embedments, material self expands and is connected to substrates by inherent active backpressure combined with pressure-sensitive adhesive nature of impregnation medium.

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Emseal Introduces Breakthrough Double-Sided Joint Seal

"SEISMIC COLORSEAL_DS" Seals Inside and Outside of Structural Joints in Buildings in Single Installation Step

WESTBOROUGH, MA. and TORONTO, ON - EMSEAL, the leading manufacturer of premium sealants, expansion joints and gasket products, announces its innovative double-sided SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS movement joint sealant.

Filling and sealing both the interior and exterior of structural joint openings in a single step while simultaneously insulating and attenuating sound is the unique realm of this ground-breaking product development from EMSEAL. SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS is uniquely suited to sealing curtain-wall systems, store fronts and entrances, as well as precast concrete parapet and spandrel panels. It is additionally ideal for sound transmission dampening in interior partitions.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS features an acrylic-impregnated cellular foam core custom made to the depth of the substrates to be sealed. Both visible outer faces are coated with a low-modulus, coloured, silicone bellows. The bellows is formed at a width greater than the expected maximum joint opening size ensuring that it is never in tension during joint cycling. The coloring can be selected to be same on both the inner and other faces or different to coordinate with respective finishes.

A further addition to EMSEAL's comprehensive line of hybrid silicone and impregnated precompressed foam sealants, SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS is ideal for new or retrofit use and features non-invasive anchoring. This means that no screws, anchors, embedments or other substrate penetrations are used to hold the system in place or exact a seal. Instead the material self expands and is connected to the substrates by means of it's inherent active backpressure combined with the pressure-sensitive-adhesive nature of the impregnation medium in the cellular foam matrix.

"Since the invention of precompressed, impregnated foam sealants in the 1950's, no other company has evolved the technology as creatively and extensively as EMSEAL," comments EMSEAL President and CEO Lester Hensley. "SEISMIC COLORSEAL-DS is one of many recent examples of product developments that embody the company's attention to market needs and the extraordinary versatility of this technology type."

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