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Designed for configuring, deploying, running, and managing Workplace Applications, Attunity InFocus v2.0 provides ways to optimize how critical and exceptional activities of organization are managed. It is focused on people-driven activities, promoting effective work of operational, management, and key knowledge-workers. On one platform, product brings together all necessary capabilities for management-focused Workplace Applications.

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Attunity Announces Industry's First Platform for 'Workplace Applications'

Attunity InFocus Delivers New Style of Business Applications Set to Boost Workplace Innovation and Collaboration Among Knowledge Workers

BOSTON, Sept. 19 -- Attunity (NASDAQ:ATTU) announced today the immediate availability of Attunity InFocus 2.0, a software platform for configuring, deploying, running and managing Workplace Applications. An industry first for customers, it provides new and innovative ways to improve how the most critical and exceptional activities of an organization are managed. Designed to meet the specific challenges of improving the people-driven activities rather than the process-driven activities, Attunity InFocus promotes more effective working of operational, management and key knowledge-workers towards the goal of "high-performing management".

Attunity InFocus has been designed to help organizations focus on their most valuable assets -- people -- leveraging their knowledge and experience, and facilitating their 'natural' work style by utilizing a new breed of software application known as Workplace Applications. Using Attunity InFocus, Workplace Applications can now be configured, deployed and ready for use in as little as a couple of weeks. Drawing on underlying technologies such as personal productivity, communication and collaboration tools, as well as search, data access, business intelligence, content and knowledge management, Attunity InFocus now brings together, on a single platform, all the necessary capabilities for robust management-focused Workplace Applications.

Early adoption of the new product has been exceptional, particularly among companies in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, and Supply Chain industries such as manufacturing and logistics. With businesses now focusing more on how software can help their high-value employees add impact to the top-line, rather than simply as a means to cut costs from the bottom line, Attunity InFocus 2.0 is now being considered as one of the key enablers of future business value.

An example of one such company is Balli Group, one of the world's largest privately owned independent commodity traders. Headquartered in the United Kingdom and using a global network of offices, the Group has consolidated sales exceeding US$1billion. The Group has recently deployed Attunity InFocus within a matter of weeks to further improve their trade profitability. David Spriddell, Group Finance Director, Balli, stated, "We are using Attunity InFocus as a platform to innovate our organization by providing us with the capability to track, monitor, assess and most importantly take action and follow up on information in real-time, subsequently improving the profitability of our business."

According to Tom Austin, VP and Gartner Fellow, "Maximum long-term growth in most enterprises will come from workplace investments that focus on helping people do what isn't amenable to traditional structured techniques (automation), but that can improve the ability of those people to do what is uniquely human -- deal with, explore and analyze the unknown or unexpected; innovate or create new approaches, processes, products or market segments; and collaborate with others to help them do such things." He added, "By augmenting how people do the non-routine, instead of just trying to automate it, organizations with the right mind-set and capabilities can dramatically improve their overall agility."(1)

"The last twenty years have seen most industries sectors achieve significant gains by systemizing and automating their routine business processes with software application packages, resulting in what is now more or less best-practice process parity," commented Aki Ratner, CEO, Attunity. "But the big gains from now on are to be made by improving the activities carried out by people not systems, with software such as Workplace Applications augmenting not automating their actions. Recognizing that it is people, not computers that are the source of real corporate innovation and agility, we developed Attunity InFocus, the industry's first platform for deploying and managing Workplace Applications."

Mark Levitt, Vice President for Collaborative Computing and the Enterprise Workplace at IDC stated, "We expect business users to push for Web 2.0 mashups for workplace applications in the coming year, and business and IT management will need to embrace this enthusiasm for combining multiple sources of information on a single screen while keeping poorly designed or poorly managed mashups from turning into crashups." He added, "Attunity's InFocus product is designed to provide business managers with a flexible, secure and well- integrated composite application, i.e. mashup, for quickly and easily accessing all relevant, up-to-date information needed to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions."

Mr. Ratner concluded, "Workplace Applications are where future business value resides, and now with Attunity InFocus 2.0 they can be configured, developed, deployed and running within a matter of weeks. The results are dramatically improved key-worker collaboration and effectiveness in managing business problems, exceptions, new initiatives and the non-routine, and ultimately driving true corporate flexibility."

Attunity InFocus 2.0 product details
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 is available immediately
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 is a platform that provides all the capabilities for fast configuration, deployment, running and management of Workplace Applications
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 facilitates focused knowledge-sharing, communication and collaboration around the management and resolution of specific business issues and topics
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 provides automatic audit and 'snapshot' of decisions and actions taken, along with the relevant information at the time
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 provides real-time pro-active alerting of exceptional situations via email, SMS and on-screen warnings
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 is integrated with industry-standard products such as Outlook/Exchange, MS Office, Internet search and console/portal technologies
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 is highly configurable and flexible, built as a set of services around an SOA framework
-- The InFocus Server uses .NET technology and includes many pre-built and configurable "Workplace" services
-- Attunity InFocus 2.0 allows rapid configuration and access to data from internal transactional systems (without the need for complex data cleansing or data warehousing infrastructures), and external information sources (such as data feeds and Websites)

Background on Workplace Applications

Workplace Applications are a new breed of software application focused on improving the more people-driven activities of an organization. To-date the software industry has been primarily focused on the process-driven activities in organizations; systemizing, automating and monitoring them with applications such as ERP, CRM, Workflow and BI.

The emergence of Workplace Applications represent and reflect a growing concern among business leaders that to ensure true long-term competitive edge and flexibility, software technologies need to be much more focused on augmenting the intellectual capital and experience of their high-value management and knowledge-workers. By improving the activities carried out by such individuals by facilitating better communication and collaboration, capturing experience and knowledge, and ensuring laser-focus on problematic and exceptional issues, Workplace Applications are deemed by many to be the next big wave in software applications.

About Attunity

Attunity is a leading provider of software for application and data integration, as well as solutions in the new and fast growing Workplace Applications market.

Using our software, companies can seamlessly and efficiently connect, transfer, join and stream to and from virtually any data source in real-time, and subsequently use that data to rapidly configure and deploy management- focused Workplace Applications. With successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide, Attunity has over 17 years experience of providing enterprise-class software, both directly and indirectly through a number of strategic and OEM agreements with global-class partners such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Business Objects and Cognos.

Listed on Nasdaq, and with a worldwide headquarters in Boston, USA, Attunity serves its customers via offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, China and Australia, as well as through a network of local partners. For more information please visit .

(1) Achieving Agility: Growth, Agility and High-Performance Workplace Strategies Are Intimately Linked (Ref: G138286), Tom Austin, VP and Gartner Fellow, March 2006


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