Current Transducer includes Hall Effect sensor assembly.

Press Release Summary:

With tolerance to electrically noisy environments, Series 3® Current Transducer incorporates industry standard communications protocol for direct connection to microcontroller's I/O port. Single package design provides current sensing from 1 mA to over 80 A, and offers galvanic isolation from circuit under measurement. Close-coupled, 12-bit ADC provides precisely calibrated digital output stream that is directly proportional to current flowing in conductor.

Original Press Release:

Raztec (NZ) Ltd Launches 'Next Generation' Current Transducer Range

Since 1879 the principle of the 'Hall Effect' has been both well known, and
extremely well exploited in the field of sensing technology. There have been
untold variations culminating in a mature and well understood range of
application driven devices, including a very broad family of current
measurement transducers.

Raztec (NZ) Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Hall
Effect current transducers to some of the worlds most critical and demanding
users since 1994. Since then many millions have been designed into failure
intolerant applications where Raztec's refusal to accept anything other than
the very highest standard of manufacturing practice, has resulted in a
reputation that is the envy of companies significantly larger and more well
known. It has been statistically estimated that within the USA metropolitan
areas, you are never more than 2 miles away from a Raztec Hall Effect
current transducer!

Finally, there comes a unique and innovative development in Hall effect
current transducer technology that provides the development engineer with a
leap forward in component accuracy and product usability.

The series 3® current transducer builds upon the already high performance of its
analog predecessors, whilst adding ease of use, high tolerance to electrically 'noisy'
environments, packaged design, and an industry standard communications protocol for direct connection to a microcontroller's I/O port.

Consisting of a high quality Hall Effect sensor assembly, mechanically
combined with a toroid of high performance magnetic material. Then using a
patented technology, Raztec engineers have added a close-coupled, 12 bit
analog to digital converter (ADC) that provides a precisely calibrated digital
output stream that is directly proportional to the current flowing in the
sampled conductor, yet extremely tolerant of supply-voltage variations.

The Series 3® product covers a very wide range of measurable current. The
same single package design provides accurate current sensing from
approximately 1mA through to over 80Amps, and offers galvanic isolation
from the circuit under measurement.

Because the device uses elements of technology that have been in general
use for a considerable period of time it carries the added bonus of not
requiring any need for 'proof of concept' testing or up-training of engineering
staff. Recognizing that the time required for new product trial / commissioning
is at a premium, the ease of set-up, use and understanding of the Series 3®
will provide the design engineer with many opportunities to reduce
development time, and therefore costs, significantly.

Fully functional evaluation kits are available. These enable the design
engineer to quickly and easily establish which of the Series 3® product range
is most ideally suitable for their specific application.

Raztec offers a full technical support and engineering assistance service - including custom transducer design.

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