Copper Foil transforms any room into Faraday cage.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for use as electro-magnetic shielding, Mu-copper foil can be applied as wallpaper to transform existing room into Faraday cage with attenuation level of 40-80 dB. Product, which shields against magnetic and electrical fields, is non-flammable and resistant to aging. It can also be used as load bearing basis for floor finishing and floor covering. Doors with hf-seals, vent panels, shielded windows, and power filters are available.

Original Press Release:

D.I.Y. Faraday Cage

Holland Shielding Systems BV (+31-78-6131366) has developed a new type of Mu-copper foil for electro-magnetic shielding of rooms, buildings and appliances. With this material, which can be applied as wallpaper, an existing room can be transformed easily into a Faraday cage with an attenuation level of 40 to 80 dB.

The material has a high strength and is capable of shielding against both magnetic and electrical fields. It is non-flammable, resistant against ageing and can be used as a load bearing basis for floor finishing, floor covering, etc.

Doors with hf-seals, vent panels, shielded windows and power filters can be supplied fromstock.

Also available: conversion sets for changing existing (wooden) doors into reliable shielded doors, without drastic adjustments.

Applications: measuring rooms, medical examination rooms, shielding against radiation of mobile phones and radar, computer rooms.

Comprehensive documentation with test data is available upon request.

For more information:

Holland Shielding Systems BV
PO Box 730
NL - 3300 AS Dordrecht
The Netherlands
Phone +31-78-6131366
Fax +31-78-6149585

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