3rconnect Chooses Techcello Framework for Building Next Generation Vendor Management Solution - "Staffion"

3rconnect, based in Edison, New Jersey has a vision of simplifying the vendor management process involved in hiring contingent staff.  "Current Vendor Management Solutions in the market are expensive, very complicated and brings in unnecessary overheads for HR and accounting teams.  We envision Staffion to be a simple & easy to use, affordable solution.  Therefore, multi-tenant SaaS solution became our natural choice.  We are looking at rapidly growing and revolutionizing VMS market through Staffion – addressing the needs of large enterprises as well as SMBs," says Taj Haslani, CEO of 3rconnect.

Staffion team clearly recognized the complexity involved in architecting a highly scalable and configurable multi-tenant product. "We wanted a ready access to a wide range of multi-tenant architecture capabilities like metering, licensing, tenant management, security, etc. combined with features like workflow and business rules. Cello is a perfect fit for our requirements," says Divakar Vadlamani, Product Manager. "Cello is extremely simple and easy to use. It provides a flexible Plug & Play model of integration with your existing code and complete SaaS engineering and operationalization functionalities. Staffion team was able to start using Cello within a week's training," says Janakiraman, Director of Technology, TechCello. Staffion and TechCello team are jointly working in getting the product out to market by August 2013.

About 3rconnect

Staffion is Vendor Management Software with advanced Analytics and easy to use interface. This VMS aims to provide top quality and satisfaction to its customers by managing its contingent work force. Staffion will go the extra mile to provide superior quality and better manage the services spends. Staffion provides its customers the right tool to navigate through the services and is dedicated to serve its clients efficiently by providing the best solutions in the industry. For more information, please visit www.staffion.com.

About Techcello

Techcello – is a cloud-ready, multi-tenant SaaS application development framework. ISVs, Enterprises and BPO/KPOs use Techcello to build software products and applications - better and faster. Applications built on Techcello can be hosted anywhere from public cloud (such as amazon, azure) or private cloud to on-premise serves.  Techcello provides complete freedom, flexibility and control of custom development, without vendor or framework lock-in and still saves you from all the complexities and cost overheads of building and maintaining your own engineering framework.  Techcello is a Gartner Cool Vendor & SIIA's NextGen company.  For more information, please visit www.techcello.com.

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