3D Engineering Software delivers multi-CAD formats for XVL applications.

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Developed using Adobe® 3D OEM platform, Lattice3D Dataway delivers multiple 3D CAD data files directly into Lattice XVL® Studio and Lattice3D Reporter applications. Once 3D data is in XVL, it can be used for digital mockup activities as well as in accelerated creation of 3D technical documents for downstream manufacturing disciplines. Data can be saved into common document formats - PDF, XVL, Excel, HTML - as required by user.

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Lattice Technology Announces Lattice3D Dataway

New Product Delivers On-demand Multi-CAD Formats for XVL Applications, Using Adobe® 3D OEM product

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept 16, 2009 -- Lattice Technology®, developers of digital manufacturing applications using the XVL® format, today announced the upcoming release of Lattice3D Dataway.

Lattice3D Dataway seamlessly delivers multiple 3D CAD data files, on demand, directly into Lattice Technology's powerful XVL applications. Once 3D data is in XVL, it can be quickly and efficiently used for Digital Mockup (DMU) activities and in rapidly creating accurate, high quality 3D technical documents for downstream manufacturing disciplines. The data can be saved into common document formats such as PDF, XVL, Excel and HTML as required by the user. It is the first commercially-available product developed using the Adobe 3D OEM platform.

Lattice3D Dataway allows 3D CAD data from all major MCAD, 3D PDF and industry standard formats to be read directly into the XVL Studio and Lattice3D Reporter applications. Once the data is in XVL Studio it can be rapidly used for creation of MBOMs, 3D assembly animations, simulations and instructions, high quality 2D illustrations, 3D parts lists and more. When complete, the 3D manufacturing data can be read out to 3D PDF or XVL for use across the supply chain, shop floor, support, maintenance and repair and other departments in manufacturing.

Lattice3D Reporter allows 3D data to be read directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, along with interrelated parts lists, assembly instructions, with 3D animations if available. These documents are used across the manufacturing enterprise building significant accuracy and productivity in product manufacturing processes.

"Adobe's 3D OEM platform has made this possible and offers our users a powerful, streamlined platform for handling just about every 3D CAD format into XVL, on-demand," said Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology. "We are excited about what Lattice3D Dataway means to many of our customers, who face the challenge of working with data from multiple 3D CAD systems, yet still want the benefits that XVL applications deliver. Now it means they can build significant productivity improvements into their operations using affordable, easy-to-use applications from Lattice Technology."

Lattice3D Dataway will be available for evaluation and purchase on 22 September, 2009 via the Lattice Technology web site and its network of resellers, at www.lattice3d.com.

About Lattice Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA, Lattice Technology provides global companies with proven digital manufacturing solutions for 2D/3D design data across the manufacturing enterprise. With Lattice Technology's XVL applications, engineers and manufacturers can perform design review, simulate assembly processes, automate creation of 3D parts lists / BOMs and create animations with even the largest 3D assemblies. Lattice's standards based XVL (eXtensible Virtual world description Language) technology provides secure, highly accurate and compressed 3D files that can be used, shared and easily supported by partners, suppliers, and internal departments in a lightweight browser-based solution. XVL is unmatched in performance, compression and accuracy. For more information, visit www.lattice3d.com.

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