Vehicle Mover relocates cars and trucks.

Press Release Summary:

Vehicle Rover, with pushbutton control, slips under any car or truck up to 6,000 lb and enables users to move it through parking lot or factory floor without starting engine. With 5 in. profile, unit locks onto wheels of vehicle and lifts it off the ground. Variable-speed electronic drive system pulls vehicle at speeds up to 3 mph. Powered by 24 Vdc battery, rover has self-contained hydraulic system and safety features such as posi-grip controls and clamp/lift interlocks.

Original Press Release:

West Bend Equipment Designs Custom Vehicle Mover

Need to move cars and trucks around your facility without ever starting the engine?

With the new West Bend Equipment vehicle mover, you can now move a 6,000 pound vehicle through a parking lot or factory floor without ever turning on the ignition key. The vehicle rover has a slim 5 inch profile and slips under any car or truck with ease. With the push of a button the rover locks onto the wheels of the vehicle and lifts it off the ground.

A variable speed electronic drive system then pulls the vehicle in the direction you want it to go at a speed of up to 3 miles per hour. A 24 Volt DC battery ensures there are no toxic air fumes and the self contained hydraulic system is designed for minimal maintenance. There are multiple safety features including posi-grip controls, operator's belly button, and clamp/lift interlocks to protect both the operator and the vehicle from accidents. The vehicle rover will improve the productivity of your operation while providing a safe and clean working environment for your employees.

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