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20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer comes with ultraviolet laser source.

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20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer comes with ultraviolet laser source.

Nov 04, 2017 -

20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer’s source enables user to excite microscopic sample in the UV-visible-NIR region. Laser source is used to measure photoluminescence spectrum and can be used in fluorescence and photoluminescence microspectroscopy.

CRAIC Technologies Inc. - San Dimas, CA

Original Press Release

Ultraviolet Laser Illumination for More Powerful Photoluminescent Microspectroscopy

Press release date: Nov 03, 2017

CRAIC Technologies announces the ability to use deep UV lasers with its 20/30 PV™ UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers.

CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions, is proud to announce the introduction of ultraviolet lasers sources for use with the 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer . The major application will be to serve as an excitation source for fluorescence and photoluminescence (PL) microspectroscopy. Both methods require intense light sources and by exciting in the ultraviolet, more materials can be caused to emit photons via a luminescent process.

“The addition of ultraviolet lasers as light sources expands the capabilities of CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers. Previously, we had offered only visible and NIR range lasers as light sources. Now, however, we can include UV lasers in the lineup. This means we now have the ability to excite microscopic sample areas in the UV-visible-NIR region and measure the photoluminescence spectrum" states Dr. Paul Martin, president of CRAIC Technologies. “In response to customer requests, our fine team of engineers have dramatically expanded the capabilities of the 20/30 PV™ in terms of both fluorescence and photoluminescence microspectroscopy.”

The UV lasers can be used either as powerful light sources for fluorescence microspectroscopy or can be incorporated in the new Photoluminescence package from CRAIC Technologies. The UV laser output is focused onto a microscopic sample area and the light that is emitted from that area is collected and measured by the 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer. The fluorescence or photoluminescence spectra are then analyzed.

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