2-Way Poppet Valves feature bubble tight shut-off.

Press Release Summary:

SV72 Series 2-way inert balanced-poppet solenoid valves are designed to control corrosive fluids by isolating metal components from operating media. They employ two rolling diaphragms that act as isolating barriers and balancing areas. SV72 valves feature bubble tight shut-off and are mountable in any position. They offer pressure ratings of 100 psi with a Cv of 4.0. Valves are available with 115 Vac, or 12 and 24 Vdc coils.

Original Press Release:

Valcor's Offers New 2-Way Inert Balanced-Poppet Valve

Valcor Scientific, a division of Valcor Engineering Corp. of Springfield, NJ, has just introduced its new SV72 Series of 2-way inert balanced-poppet solenoid valves. Celebrating its 50 year, Valcor Scientific has been a leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of pumps and valves for analytical chemistry, biomedical, medical, scientific instrumentation, and light industrial applications.

Valcor's new SV72 Series is specifically designed for the control of corrosive fluids by isolating all the metal components from the operating media. It employs two rolling diaphragms, which act as both isolating barriers and balancing areas.

Suitable for such applications as chemical dispensing, water treatment, medical equipment, control of wash or buffer solutions and other general industrial uses, the new SV72 features:

* Inert construction

* High flow and pressure capability

* Bubble tight shut-off

* Mountable in any position

Valcor's new SV72 is 7" H x 3 /4"W x 1 '/2"D and offers a pressure rating of 100 PSIG with a s Cv of 4.0. The series is available with 1 15VAC, or 12 and 24 VDC coils.

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