15,000 Metric Gears - Shipped Factory Direct

The largest selection of stock metric gears now available within 3 business days

Mineola, NY – With the largest selection of stock metric gears, KHK USA is now able to meet the needs of industrial automation designs with off-the-shelf gears with the fastest of lead times. KHK USA based in Mineola NY, stocks approximately 4,500 skus in the New York warehouse for same day warehouse shipping and can now deliver, within 3 business days, shipments direct from the factory in Japan. With over 175 configurations of stock metric spur gears, helical gears, internal ring gears, gear racks, straight spiral tooth miter gears, spiral, hypoid & Zerol bevel gears, screw gears, worms & wormwheels, ratchets & pawls, gear couplings, involute spline shafts & bushings and right-angle gearboxes, KHK USA offers an unmatched selection of standardized products with unbeatable availability. To assist the design engineer KHK USA also has available for download 3D CAD models of each product. For the hobbyist, KHK USA offers 24/7 shopping at www.khkgears.us/cart.

“With this new service, we are able to leverage the factory inventory and supply our customer base within 3 business days on most products”, said Brian Dengel, General Manager of KHK USA. “Although we still offer a standard warehouse backorder delivery within one week ARO, this expedited service gets the product to our customer within 3 business days for the same price and overnighting the shipment from our US based warehouse.”

Contact Brian Dengel

Telephone 516-248-3850

Email info@khkgears.us

Website www.khkgears.us

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