10 Gigabit Fiber Assemblies feature bit error rate certification.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to facilitate migration to 10 Gigabit in fiber optic networks, bit error rate tested and certified 10GIG HLC (Hardened Lens Contact) fiber patch cables come with eye diagram and bit error rate (BER) test data. HLC SCRATCHGUARD® connection technology enables business-critical applications to operate with minimal connectivity issues.

Original Press Release:

Megladon Announces Bit Error Rate Certified 10GIG HLC® Fiber Assemblies

Austin, Texas - Megladon Manufacturing Group announced today the release of Bit Error Rate Tested and certified 10GIG HLC fiber patch cables. This product line ships with an eye diagram and Bit Error Rate test data which enables the installer to deploy with confidence.

As the migration to 10GIG continues in fiber optic networks, many installers and maintenance personnel are challenged when they realize a percentage of the Laser Optimized fiber optic patch cables ordered either have a high bit error rate when mated or develop intermittent issues in a short period of time. What is not known is those products sold as "10GIG patch cables" are not bit error rate tested using an actual 10GIG signal. Instead, the standard insertion loss performance is considered the pass/fail criteria. This does not guarantee an acceptable bit error rate.

Megladon's HLC SCRATCHGUARD® connection technology has been known for a decade for its durability and repeatable performance. It is a one of a kind product that enables business critical applications to operate with minimal connectivity issues. The repeatability of the Hardened Lens and its properties also allows Megladon to bit error rate test and certify the terminated product with an extremely high first pass yield.

"The market has been taught that any multimode fiber patch cable with an aqua jacket will perform in a 10GIG system. The truth is the glass is designed for such a system but the finished patch cable has not been tested with a bit error rate tester. We have not found one manufacturer that will provide bit error rate data with the product. That changed today" said John Culbert, President of Megladon.

Megladon® Manufacturing Group Ltd., a subsidiary of TyRex Group Ltd.®, is recognized as a leader in the fiber optic marketplace. Founded in 1997, Megladon made it their mission to provide customers with fiber optic products that far exceed industry standards minimizing installation time and maintenance cost. As technology innovators, Megladon created the HLC® (Hardened Lens Contact) connection, which has changed the market and taken it to the next level. For additional information on Megladon and their patented processes please visit the company's website at www.megladonmfg.com.

For additional information regarding Megladon's variety of fiber optic products please contact John Culbert at 512.615.4687 or by email at scratchguard@megladonmfg.com.

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