Design, Analyze & Optimize your Motion Design with Pro-Motion®

New Features of Pro-Motion® Software Offers Faster Motion Control Design

Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA - Pro-Motion® motion control set-up software from Performance Motion Devices Inc., now offers OEM machine designers a new set of advanced software features for motion control design. Pro-Motion offers an axis wizard which helps designers quickly configure motion architectures for testing and includes an auto-tuning feature for both current loop and position loop of servo motors. The new and standard features of Pro-Motion create greater design control and more accurate motor tuning. Further advancements include multiple and simultaneous connection capability to various controllers and a multi-drop over serial and CAN networks. Scope tracing of motion parameters rounds out the list of new features, providing a powerful tool for designers.

Pro-Motion is an easy to use Microsoft Windows®-based application designed to accelerate motion system development. It includes a step-by-step axis wizard that allows designers to quickly and easily tune position loop, current loop, and field-oriented control motor parameters. Pro-Motion is a prototyping tool, designed to expedite the development of a motion processor-based system. It optimizes motion system applications by facilitating the setting and viewing of all parameters and the exercising of all features of a motion design. Pro-Motion is designed for use with Magellan® motion processor-based designs which include the Prodigy® Motion Card and ION® Digital Drive families of products from Performance Motion Devices. And the motion control software instruction sets are independent of the motor type, allowing DC brush, brushless DC and step motors to be combined in multi-axis designs.

Cost - Performance Leadership

Pro-Motion is included free with the purchase of Magellan-based developer's kits. It is part of Performance Motion Devices' effort to provide OEM machine designers with cost-engineered, high performance solutions that add value by reducing the design time needed bring motion based products to market.

"Pro-Motion is the motion design tool that has been at the heart of our success. We understand that motion design requires phases of configuration, set-up, testing and modification that require repetitive iterations and tuning to optimize a motion system. Pro-Motion is designed specifically with that need in mind and we will continue to advance Pro-Motion to meet the needs of our customers."

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