'AG' and 'AGN' Series Spring- Retractable Reels

The patented "AG" (Air-Governor) family of reels is the ultimate solution for gaining control over the rewind speed of a spring-powered reel.

Because speed is regulated by linking the power spring to an air restrictor, the result is smooth, controlled rewind speed every time the reel is used. In particular, the AG series reels have three primary advantages over other speed control solutions:

o Highly scalable- The air governor can be scaled up to regulate speed on even the most powerful spring reels we offer. Other designs can only work on light-duty springs.
o Operates in all climates- Because the AG series uses air flow to control speed, and not hydraulic fluids which degrade in performance as temperatures drop, it does not matter what the ambient temperature is for proper reel operation.
o Fully adjustable- The user can turn the air restrictor in either direction until the optimal rewind speed is found for the application.

For further information on the AG series reel, please download Form H-0708-AG.

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