Zinc Resources Receives TCEQ Approval to Recycle EAF Dust as Hazardous Secondary Material at its Victoria, Texas Facility

Victoria, Texas – March 20, 2023, Zinc Resources (ZR) announced today that it has received approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to recycle EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) dust as a hazardous secondary material at its facility in Victoria, Texas. This approval is in accordance with the EPA's 2018 Definition of Solid Waste rule (EPA DSW Rule). With this approval, generators of EAF dust can now send their material to ZR without it being manifested as a hazardous waste.

Zinc Resources is the first entity to receive approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for recycling EAF dust in the State. This TCEQ approval is the final step in the process that ZR undertook to qualify as an HSM (Hazardous Secondary Material) recycler of EAF dust under the EPA DSW Rule. The Waelz process is used by ZR to recycle EAF dust, which is a common process used by virtually all EAF dust recyclers in the United States and worldwide.

Environmental Benefits to Steel Companies

The advantages of sending EAF dust to ZR under the new HSM designation include no hazardous waste generation fees, no requirement for hazardous waste manifests for shipment, and no requirements for annual waste generation reports. Furthermore, if the generator stores the EAF dust in a tank or other unit before shipping it to an off-site facility for reclamation, that container or unit is no longer subject to regulation under the hazardous waste rules.

"We are thrilled to receive TCEQ approval to recycle EAF dust as a hazardous secondary material at our Victoria facility," said Thomas Knepper, EVP of Technical Services for Zinc Resources. "This approval not only benefits us but also benefits generators of EAF dust who can now send their material to us without any additional costs or regulatory requirements. We look forward to continuing our commitment to responsible recycling practices and to providing a valuable service to the metals industry."

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