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Zebra Technologies Launches ZBI 2.0 and ZBI-Developer

Zebra Technologies Launches ZBI 2.0 and ZBI-Developer for High Performance and Industrial/Commercial Thermal Printers

Vernon Hills, IL, March 10, 2008-Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, today announced the Zebra BASIC Interpreter (ZBI) 2.0 program service offering will be available as an option on all Zebra high-performance and industrial/commercial thermal printers and print engines to provide customers with more control over their on-demand printing applications. The ZBI-Developer programming utility will be offered as a free download.

ZBI 2.0 and ZBI-Developer programming utility are a powerful and flexible customization toolset. They incorporate enhanced features, ease of use and professional programming services.

ZBI 2.0 makes it easy to integrate Zebra thermal printers into a wide variety of productivity-enhancing applications. It is an interpretive programming module that operates between the printer's communications ports and label format processing engine. This link enables Zebra printers to translate non-ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) data streams into printed labels to give customers the opportunity to replace their old non-Zebra printers with Zebra-brand reliability, without costly label reformatting or reprogramming.

The robust ZBI option also enables direct printer connections to a scanner, scale, or keyboard without a PC. End users can interact with databases and print labels, with data retrieved from enterprise systems, and return data for accurate supply chain tracking. Printers can be programmed to display operator prompts on the front panel to allow for ease of use.

The new PC-based ZBI-Developer programming software utility offers customers a powerful and interactive environment to fully program, test and distribute their ZBI 2.0 programs to one or many printers. Providing pop-up help and plain language messages, ZBI-Developer makes creating complex and robust programs easy. ZBI-Developer is available as a free download at

Applications that benefit from ZBI 2.0:

oStand-alone operations of Zebra printers
oDirect interface to peripheral devices such as bar code scanners, weigh-scales, and keyboards
oInterpretation and translation of foreign and proprietary data streams
oData logging
oInternet network support for TCP/IP and e-mail messaging

All Zebra Xi series, 105SL, Z Series, S4M and PAX4 print engines will be available either ZBI-ready or ZBI-enabled. The ZBI feature can be enabled by visiting a Web site and purchasing a ZBI 2.0 key to be sent to the printer.

For more information about ZBI 2.0, ZBI-Developer, and ZBI professional programming services, go to, or contact Zebra's inquiry department at +1 800 423 0442.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies Corporation helps companies identify, track and manage assets, transactions and people with on-demand specialty digital printing and automatic identification solutions. In more than 100 countries around the world, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use innovative and reliable Zebra printers, supplies, RFID products and software to increase productivity, improve quality, lower costs, and deliver better customer service. Information about Zebra and Zebra-brand products can be found at

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