Z 3240/ - Compact Shot Valve Gate Nozzle

The Compact Shot Z3210/- series which has been proven in manifold applications and allows small installation spaces is extended with a new variant Z3240/- with valve gate. Internal gate positions in long and narrow articles or narrow pitch centres can be achieved with the process reliability of a valve gate solution. The needle valve guarantees optimum post-pressure transmission and avoids stringing and poor gate quality.

The fit diameter of the front nozzle tip is just 7 mm, with a 14 mm diameter hole over the body length. Lengths are available up to 180mm making this nozzle ideal for gate locations in restricted areas of the article.

The Z3240/- is particularly suitable for processing polyolefins and styrenes in a shot weight range of 2-20g. With a homogeneous temperature profile and high pressure resistance, other plastics can also be processed reliably - please consult with your HASCO Application Engineering for details.

The nozzle is offered in two different designs. One variant for the standard assembly, the other for front assembly in which the nozzle can be changed completely on the machine.

Due to the special design of the nozzle tip, a needle valve stroke of only 3 mm is required and the tip remains in the guide throughout the entire stroke. The wear on the needle guide is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum, the life of the gate prolonged considerably and expensive repairs to the inserts avoided.

The needle consists of an easily replaceable standard ejector Z40/1,5 x...., which is mounted floating in the plate package with a special holder to compensate the heat expansion of the hot runner. This reduces the radial load of the needle to a minimum and prevents the needle breaking.

The preferred needle drive is by a plate package which is controlled by the specially developed cylinder Z2370 that can be actuated hydraulically or pneumatically. This cylinder is connected to the drive plate package simply via the adapter provided.

No compromises are made in quality:
In addition to a long lasting heater, only high quality materials are used for the nozzle body, needle, needle guide and drive components. All components are made to the finest of tolerances.

Last but not least, the high degree of standardization of this nozzle series guarantees optimum availability of the spare and wear parts worldwide through the global HASCO service network.

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