Women, Frustrated by Painting, Design 'No Mess' Paint Tool Product Line!

MOORESVILLE, N.C., May 2 -- Statistics say that painting remains America's - 1 Do It Yourself indoor activity. Yet, anyone who has experienced the frustrations and the mess of a painting project might question these stats and ask, "Why isn't there a friendlier, easier, less messy way to paint?"

That's exactly what Zibra's Designing Women did, and their frustrations led them to design a complete new line of painting tools that take the hassle out of painting for the benefit of everyone.

"What makes Zibra unique is our ability to actively listen to the frustrations and experiences of our Designing Women teams and then turn those frustrations into innovative product solutions that make the experience more enjoyable for all," says Lane Ball, Zibra's Director of Branding.

In a unique, collaborative, user-driven approach to product design, each new paint tool item was developed with direct input from actual DIY'ers (mostly women, but men, too), members of Designing Women groups, and Zibra design teams.

The new Zibra paint tool product range includes a roller frame plus covers that eliminate roller clean-up and the mess by simply ejecting the used roller right into the waste can with just a touch of a button! It's smartly named the Roll n Release(TM). Its companion, the Even Load n Roll(TM) spring-loaded paint tray prevents over-dipping and excess dripping and the liner system allows you to dispose of the excess mess with ease. The unique No Tape, Edge n Roll(TM) trim tool & tray combo eliminates the need for painter's tape, saving prep time while delivering a clean, accurate finish. Innovation is also found in the grip n glide(TM) series of specialty paint brushes. Each features a unique rounded hourglass handle and pro-quality, proprietary bristles that deliver more comfort and more control with a smooth release. Detailed trim brushes in triangular, square, and round shapes make painting trim work quick and easy.

Zibra and its Designing Women are pleased to reveal the full line of "No Mess" painting tools at the National Hardware Show (Booth S22962) in Orlando on May 8th.

For additional information, please log on to www.enjoyzibra.com/ or call 704-876-4287.


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