Wilmington Machinery --- K SHOW 2010-- Hall 13 - B91-19

Introducing the all-new LUMINA Pallateer Plastic Pallet Molding Systems and showcasing the very popular Small Bottle (SB) High Speed Rotary Blowmolding Systems

Wilmington,NC: Wilmington Machinery, a manufacturer of high speed rotary coextrusion blow molding systems and structural foam injectionmolding machinery, will be exhibiting at the K Show 2010 in Hall 13 - B91-19.

Wilmington Machinery will introduce the all new LUMINA Pallateer Plastic Pallet Molding Systems. Five available models produce all types of nestable, rackable one-way or long life pallets in medium to high volumes (200 - 900,000 pallets/year). The systems are fully automated and are able to process a broad range of 100% recycled plastic materials in form of pellets or flakes.

Wilmington also produces the LUMINA General Purpose Series for multiple mold/large part production. Models are available for shot capacity to 300 lb. (135 kg) and mold spaces to 108" x 160" (2743 x 4064 mm). Popular applications include collapsible bins, drainage and building products components.

Wilmington will also be showcasing their new and very popular Small Bottle (SB) High Speed Rotary Blowmolding Systems for producing bottles size from 80 to 1000ml. Today the technology includes dual parison capability allowing production rates up to 500-1000 bottles per minutes. The SB technology is ideally suited to monolayer or multilayer containers for Food, Dairy, Juice and Liquid Yogurts applications. The success of this technology is due to the simplicity of handling the bottles at very high speeds, and also the bottle weight reductions achieved due to the very tight weight variation and material distribution capabilities of the blow molder.

Wilmington Machinery also produces a line of larger rotary blow molders for 1litre to 5 litre containers for liquid detergents, cooking oil, motor oil and food applications. These systems are available with up to 30 cavities and can also be adapted to dual parison.

Wilmington Machinery is a 40 year old company specializing in the design, manufacturing and support of high speed rotary blow molding machinery for packaging, high output structural foam molding machinery and proprietary plastic processing machinery for numerous companies.

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