Wilks Launches New Website Featuring Products for Oil in Water/Soil, Biofuels, Ambient Air, and Other Application-Specific Measurements

Wilks – A Spectro Scientific Company is pleased to announce a new website – www.WilksIR.com – focused on providing users with easy-to-use, portable analyzers for a variety of practical on-site measurements. The website features a tab format making it easy to access technical and reference information including application notes, White Papers, videos and published articles that will assist customers in selecting the right product for their analysis requirements.

The website features application-specific, mid-infrared (mid-IR) analytical instruments – both for qualitative and quantitative measurements – that are ideal for use by non-technical personnel. While all Wilks instruments are specifically designed for easy, on-site field or at-line use, they are equally as useful in a testing laboratory - virtually anywhere repetitive measurements are needed - and they require little or no maintenance.

Wilks analyzers and spectrometers are the ideal analytical solution for a wide variety of measurement applications in the biofuels, petrochemical, environmental, quality control, and manufacturing industries. Easy-to-use operator interfaces allow for non-technical users to quickly and accurately obtain measurement results. They allow the analysis to be cost-effectively moved to the analysis location eliminating the wait for off-site lab results. At www.WilksIR.com, customers can browse detailed information by product, application, or industry – making it easier than ever to find the right product for their particular application requirements.

About Wilks Located in E. Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks is a Spectro Scientific Company specializing in easy-to-use, portable mid-infrared analyzers for specific measurement applications. All Wilks analyzers have been specifically designed for on-site use by non-technical personnel and are used for a wide variety of applications in the biofuels, environmental, petrochemical, quality control, and manufacturing industries. These portable analyzers enable analytical measurements to be made in the field, helping to eliminate the wait for off-site lab results.

For further press information or images, please contact Carol Tunick, VP, at 203-855-9136 or email: ctunick@WilksIR.com. 

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