Wilkinson Precast Inc., Your One Stop Company For All Your Precast Concrete Products in Iowa

Riverside, Iowa-November 15, 2016- Wilkinson Precast Inc., a family owned business specializing in precast concrete products takes great pride to be a one stop manufacturing company for all your precast concrete product needs.

From concrete electrical vaults, grease interceptors, storm shelters, well pits, box culvert, man hole, water cisterns, pulling chambers, custom pre-casting to septic tanks in Iowa, Wilkinson Precast Inc. has all your precast concrete product needs covered. The company also sells products like neenah Steel frames & covers, aluminum hatches, septic field bed pipe and supplies, filter fabrics, septic filters, poly tanks, hi-level warning devices, siphon counters and many more.

Since the company's inception in 1953, Wilkinson Precast Inc. has provided many customers with high quality and reliable precast concrete products. Over many years of experience creating concrete products that help the environment, Wilkinson Precast Inc. has been the trusted manufacturer of many individuals and business in Iowa and surrounding areas.

"At Wilkinson Precast Inc., we understand our clients' requirements and we know and appreciate that they depend on our quality service. We are proud to share this knowledge and serve you, our customers, in the best way we can."- Wilkinson Precast Inc.

To learn more about Wilkinson Precast Inc. and their complete list of precast concrete products, you are invited to visit the company's website at http://www.wilkinsonprecast.com/.

For more questions, you may contact the company using the information below.

Wilkinson Precast Inc.


Cory Frank

3089 Highway 22 Riverside, IA 52327

phone: (319)648-2708

email: coryfrank236@gmail.com

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