Why Pay to Haul Water?

Poly Products introduces you to the companion of the Poly Products Evaporator: the ETCompanion(TM) CONDENSER. To fully understand what the ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSERis doing, let's first dig a little deeper into what the evaporator is doing.

The ET-III-W EVAPORATIVE TANK will evaporate water into the air stream that is passing though the unit and produce humid air, very much like a clothes-dryer at home. This humid air is then ducted out of the building, again just like the clothes-dryer at home.

The air enters the evaporator and comes in direct contact with the solution droplets and absorbs water. The objective is to saturate the air, or make it 100% humid; the actual water content will vary based on the temperature of the air, thus the term "relative humidity". The warmer the air, the more water it can hold. In round terms, for every 20°F the air temperature is increased, the water holding capacity of the air is doubled, or you could say that the relative humidity is cut in half. Heating the solution will in-turn heat the air and increase the evaporation rate.

Now the 100% humid air exhausting from the ET-III-W EVAPORATIVE TANK can be ducted out of the building, as previously indicated, or it can be ducted into the inlet of the ETCompanion(TM) CONDENSER. The ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSER will cool the air, which will in turn reduce the amount of water the air can hold and condense the water out of the air stream. Inside the ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSER is a big specially made ra diator, or Coil.

This Coil is usually feed by a cooling tower or a chiller, or some other cold water source. As the warm humid air passes through the Coil, the air is cooled. Just as a cold drink appears to be sweating on a hot summer day, the Coil is dripping with condensate beads of distilled water.

The beads of water drop down to the bottom of the Polyethylene tub of the ETCompanion(TM) CONDENSER. As the distilled water accumulates it will drain out of the 1" FNPT port in the bottom. The same rule applies to cooling the air as described for the ET-III-W
EVAPORATIVE TANK : In round terms, for every 20°F the air temperature is decreased, the water holding capacity of the air is cut in half, or you could say that the relative humidity is doubled, so the water is condensed out of the air.

With the ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSER working with the ET-III-W EVAPORATIVE TANK the system is now a completely closed loop air system. The cool dryer air that is exhausted from the ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSER is then ducted back into the inlet of the evaporator.

This air is still actually at 100% humidity, but it is holding far less water at the cooler temperature. Once the air is in the ET-III-W EVAPORATIVE TANK ä and again exposed to the warm solution droplets, the air heats up and then has plenty of room for new water to come on board.

There are many benefits to the ET-Companion(TM) CONDENSER, but the three major benefits are as follows:
oRecovers all the water that is evaporated and returns it back to the end user for reuse in the form of distilled water.
oNo more holes in your roof for exhaust ducting.
oNo need for permits from the Air Quality People; this is a completely closed air system.
oEliminates the need for air make-up in you building; no air is exhausted.

For more information, e-mail: jkubiak@metchem.com or call 216-391-POLY.

Contact Name: Cheryl Banaszak
Title: Marketing Manager
E-mail: cbanaszak@metchem.com

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