Why is MIE Trak Pro Making a Buzz All Around?

Orange County, California, USA – March, 10, 2021 - MIE Trak Pro is a manufacturing management software which encapsulates most of the mandatory features a manufacturing firm is in need of. It is a product of a top-notch manufacturing ERP company known as MIE Solutions. Most of the manufacturing businesses look for a complete software which takes away their burden.

This competitive solution with its customized features facilitates the users in several business facets. These dimensions could be CRM, HRM, SCM and project management and even beyond that. It is a cut-throat perk of MIE Trak Pro that it holds all these modules and is not confined to inventory tracking and scheduling.

1. Quoting
There is no need to look into the registers again and again to cross check the essential information to prepare a quote. With the usage of quoting tools, it will get prepared instantly by extracting all the required data of products from the database. It is a virtue of the best manufacturing software to turn the time-taking manual task into an automated one. Not just one, but several quotes could be prepared and managed with this tool integrated in MIE Trak Pro. 

2. Sales Orders
Based on the purchase order by the client, a sales order comes into process. This document contains the information about the products and services which are a part of the transaction. The information like product quantity, quality, delivery date, address, payment method and price are mentioned. Once again, accurate details are required to prepare it and MIE Trak Pro helps you in generating this as well. That’s how companies can keep a record of the orders they received from the clients.

3. Work Orders
Work order is a document which specifies the product details which needs to be manufactured in order to meet a sales order requirement. It enlists the job tasks that need to be done by the production department. It is a kind of approval to initiate the production process. Using ERP software for manufacturing makes this task seamless. A digital work order will be created within no time by extracting all the compulsory information from the system.

4. Scheduling
If you want to take your manufacturing operations to another level then production scheduling is essential. It denotes resource allocation and the operations involved in manufacturing goods. Amalgamation of MIE Trak Pro brings forth not only automation but accuracy in schedules. Taking a step ahead from work orders, the scheduling module prepares schedules for both machines and workers. With this ERP software, you can schedule up to 20k work orders in no time. These schedules are not only correct but valid as well.

5. Inventory Management
A manufacturer must have the necessary materials for production in hand to complete the process timely. Obviously, no one wants to run out of materials at the eleventh hour. For this, MIE Trak Pro’s inventory module plays its part. From locating inventory till cycle counting, it streamlines inventory administration end to end. It locates the inventory automatically and keeps on measuring a portion of in-hand inventory in a definite time period. In essence, you can have the complete inventory details including cost, part number, ordered and required materials etc.

6. Quality control
Right from the beginning, MIE Trak Pro leaves no mistake in data assortment. Apart from data transparency, it prepares the schedules as per the SOPs and provides guidelines. All this contributes in effective planning which ensures that quality parameters are met in manufacturing products. In this way, a minimum to negligible chance is there to compromise on products’ quality. Hence, quality control which is perceived as a dilemma by the organization becomes achievable through this ERP solution.

7. Reporting
Generating and sharing reports with accurate data is also a brain-twister for manufacturing businesses. But, trying hands on MIE Trak Pro makes this task a matter of a few minutes. It holds productivity, financial and quoting dashboards providing all the essential information. You can also have the customized reports as per the customer needs. All you need is to just tap the click button and thus your report is ready. Moreover, it also has a quick views feature which is a reporting tool having more than 200 templates for reports.

8. Kiosk
MIE Trak Pro’s integrated kiosk system enables you to keep an eye on the workers’ tasks status. This machine helps in reducing paperwork and workers can see their assigned tasks on this system. This machine also allows them to opt the given task, work on it and after completion takes up the next job. This facilitates employees and managers both in simplifying tasks beforehand. Workers will not have any ambiguity about their further tasks and managers could easily keep into account their productivity. 

9. Accounting
If a manufacturer wants an accounting software besides an ERP software then MIE Trak Pro is his answer. This fully-functioned accounting software attached with ERP enables you to generate financial reports. It has diverse accounting features whereby data entry, processing and report generation become a lot easier. And there is no room for mistakes since it captures the details available in the database.

10. HRM
Other than aforementioned benefits, MIE Trak Pro also helps in human resource processes. With the attached time and attendance tool, it gets easier in monitoring the employees check in and check out on a daily basis. It could help you in gauging about the workers productivity and commitment to their job. It will also help know the overtime of employees whereby you can gauge their productivity as well.

About MIE Solutions Inc.
MIE Solutions is an ERP-software-manufacturing company. They initiated their journey in 1981 with a computer program and in 2007 they came up with MIE Trak Pro. Considering the noteworthy performance of the said solution, the company has received a bunch of awards.

MIE Solutions Inc.
13252 Garden Grove Blvd #123,
Garden Grove, CA 92843
Orange County, CA
Ph: 714-786-6230

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