Why are Battery ManufacturersTurning to Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh is becoming increasingly popular within the battery and critical power industries. Due to the versatility and unique properties of the material, it has become highly desirable. The characteristic of wire mesh that has become particularly appealing is the large surface area it presents when compared with foils and other flat metals.

It has been proved that wire mesh current collectors improve the overall cell performance of passive direct methanol fuel cells. The "peaks" or "knuckles" (higher profile) of the wire mesh material allow for better cell performance due to the deeper penetration in the diffusion layer. This allows for better adhesion of active material and conductivity.

Other single-material grid structures are unable to sustain large amounts of flexure. However, due to the fact that wire mesh is woven from two separate wires, it can withstand the desired flex without losing contact and active material. The open area of the wire mesh (as opposed to a solid foil or other material) allows for higher volumetric power densities, thus proving more effective. Belleville Wire Cloth is the worldwide leader in nickel wire mesh. It is a custom shop, and can customize the weaving process to meet customer requirements.

For more information on these new and exciting applications of nickel wire mesh within the battery manufacturing industry - visit www.bwire.com

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