Whitford Reconfirms PerformaCoat as a Premier Custom Applicator

November 2016, Houston, Texas. Whitford, makers of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has reconfirmed PerformaCoat, Inc. as a member of the “Whitford Recommended Coater” (WRC) program and awarded a new plaque to Jeremy Parker. Bill Pernice, industry expert for Whitford, states that “PerformaCoat does well in a very competitive market by delivering consistent quality on time to its customer base.”

The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain criteria. Among them: The coater must have a thorough knowledge of Whitford coatings and experience in applying them, must complete a Whitford training course held at Whitford Worldwide headquarters, and must have solid quality-assurance procedures in place. All WRC custom applicators go through a rigorous review every two years to requalify for the program.

PerformaCoat, established in 2010, employs personnel such as Jeremy, who has a long history of applying quality Xylan coatings, to satisfy the demands of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Automotive markets. Adds Whitford’s Bill Pernice, “PerformaCoat is well versed in applying Xylan 1000, 1300 PPS-based, 1400 series coatings, and our Xylan 1212/1213 moly-filled coatings, at its centrally located Houston custom-coating facility.”

For more information on PerformaCoat, please visit www.performacoat.com. For more information on Whitford, visit whitfordww.com, contact sales@whitfordww.com or at the address below.

Whitford Corporation,

Box 80,

Elverson, PA 19520

Tel: (610) 286-3500

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