Whitford Reconfirms Houston Plating & Coatings as a Premier Custom Applicator in the US

September 2016, Houston, Texas. Whitford, makers of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has reconfirmed Houston Plating Coatings as a member of the “Whitford Recommended Coater” (WRC) program and awarded a plaque to Eric Turner. Bill Pernice, industry expert for Whitford, stated, “We are pleased to recognize Houston Plating Coatings as a supplier that continually displays a thorough knowledge of Xylan® coatings and the expertise required to apply them.”

The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain criteria. Among them: the coater must have thorough knowledge of Whitford coatings and experience in applying them, must complete a Whitford training course held at the Worldwide headquarters, and must have solid quality assurance procedures in place. Coaters in the program go through rigorous audits every two years to requalify for the program.

Houston Plating & Coatings has been in business since 1988 with a long history of quality, addressing the needs of the petroleum and other industrial equipment markets. They have demonstrated repeatedly that they are experts in the application of Whitford’s Xylan series of products, and have done so for some 28 years.

Reports Bill Pernice of Whitford, “Houston Plating & Coatings is a full-range plating and coatings provider with multiple locations, all of which address their customer needs from small to large scale structures.”

For more information on Houston Plating & Coatings, please visit houstonplating.com. For more information on Whitford, visit whitfordww.com, contact sales@whitfordww.com or the address below.

Whitford Corporation,

Box 80, Elverson,

PA 19520

Tel: (610) 286-3500

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