Which ID Card Printer or Brand is Best for Your Needs? Compare Top Factors and Read Expert Reviews at IDCardGroup.com

West Sacramento, CA – ID Card Group, a leading provider of ID card printers, ID systems, supplies, and accessories has published a series of how-to resources to help organizations choose the best ID card printer for their needs and budget.

Encouraging customers to start with an assessment of current and future card printing needs, ID Card Group offers both a “cheat sheet” and infographic covering the top three factors to consider when choosing an ID card printer – card printing volume, card appearance needs, and level of security needed. Both resources allow shoppers to review top factors quickly and easily.

For a more detailed understanding of printing options, shoppers will find helpful articles focused on each of the top three factors.

Because reviews are so helpful when considering a printer purchase, ID Card Group also reviews new printer models from all the major brands - Fargo/HID, Evolis, Magicard, Zebra, Datacard and more.

ID Card Group’s resident tech support expert, Jeramie Ivie, puts the printers through their paces in a real office environment and then posts his review to help shoppers select the best printer for their organization’s needs.

"I see a lot of printers and hear all of the hype.” says Ivie. “I use my printers in the field just like our customers do - so I try to cut to the chase in my reviews.”

To make it easy to compare makes and models, shoppers will find a Quick Specifications chart in each printer review. Highlighted specifications include:

• Manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) - you'll often find the printer for a lower price, but the MSRP is required

• Printer type

• Volume

• Print sides

• Print speed

• Maximum images per ribbon

• Maximum batch size

• Connections

• Card thickness range

Helpful How-to Choose a Printer Resources at IDCardGroup.com

• Choosing an ID Card Printer - Top 3 Factors At a Glance - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/choosing-an-id-card-pritner-top-3-factors-at-a-glance.aspx

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• Choosing an ID Card Printer - Part 2: Desired Card Appearance - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/choosing-an-id-card-printer-part-2-desired-card-appearance.aspx

• Choosing an ID Card Printer - Part 3: Security Options - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/choosing-an-id-card-printer-part-3-security-options.aspx

• Infographic: How to Choose an ID Card Printer - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/how-to-choose-an-id-card-printer-infographic.aspx

• Video: What to Look for when Buying an ID Card Printer - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/video-what-to-look-for-when-buying-an-id-card-printer.aspx

• Bonus - Expert Reviews of Top Printer Brands Models - http://www.idcardgroup.com/blog/post/id-card-printer-reviews-top-brands-new-models-reviewed-by-id-expert.aspx

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