What is Asset Recovery?

You might have heard the term asset recovery and not been fully aware of what it referred to or even meant. It can be a broadly used across many businesses and purposes but in a nutshell it simply means to recoup you investment. For commercial and industrial companies this can mean maximizing the value of surplus, unused or unneeded assets thought reuse, redeployment or liquidation. Often times a company or facility has equipment, parts or raw materials that no longer are needed. Maybe they are obsolete or possibly they are from an operation that has been discontinued. They now are a negative as they have cost you something at some time and now are just taking up valuable space and their value dropping.

This is where Select Recovery Services excels. We help companies take these unused, unneeded assets and turn them back into value. We do consulting on the three main elements of asset recovery: Identification, Redeployment and Divestment. Select Recovery Services is an expert in professional industrial asset recovery. We purchase industrial surplus and provide a revenue stream and usable space for its previous owner. Our experience and knowledge in industrial asset recovery makes us a leader in this area. Let Select Recovery Services help you to recoup your investment.

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