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Welding & Gases Industry Inspires Unique Holiday Gifts

Press release date: Dec 19, 2011

Holiday gift guide promotes gases and welding industry and its distributors.

Dewitt, NY - December 19, 2011: Welding & Gases Today Online, the online home of the leading magazine for the gases and welding equipment industry, unveiled its Welding & Gases Holiday Gift Guide, offering a wish list of industry-related items just in time for the holiday season. The Holiday Gift Guide includes a variety of unique gift ideas, including a remote controlled fish filled with 4.5 cu. ft. of helium and a carbon dioxide canister welded to resemble a pig.

The Welding & Gases Holiday Gift Guide was initially released in two parts, each containing eight industry-related gifts. The list of 16 items, now available in its entirety, does not include the typical welding- and gases-related equipment that comes to mind when one thinks of the industry. Instead, the list features items like bells welded from recycled gas cylinders and custom sleeves that give scuba diving cylinders the appearance of candy wrappers or carbonated beverage labels.

In order to be included in the Gift Guide, an item must depend on industrial, medical or specialty gases or welding as being critical to the item's function, purpose or design. Additionally, in order to qualify as a gift, items must be able to be purchased or obtained. Both educational and fun, the Welding & Gases Holiday Gift Guide seeks to promote a positive image of the gases and welding industry and to illustrate the breadth of products and applications that rely on the industry and distributors of gases and welding equipment.

Share the gift of gases and welding by visiting the Welding & Gases Holiday Gift Guide ( at Welding & Gases Today Online. For more information, contact Devin O'Toole, content editor at Welding & Gases Today at or 315-445-2347.

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