Weld Purging Experts Launch ‘Welding Knowledge’ Series

Whilst welders generally are highly skilled in their own disciplines, there are some aspects of metal joining where a clear understanding is limited.

Metals and the effects of welding on their properties, the importance of cleaning and protection against oxidation are only some examples where additional knowledge is often required.

With this in mind, Weld Purging Experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have launched a series of short publications titled Welding Knowledge, aimed at explaining in engineering terms the principles of arc welding, the properties of materials, the need for pre- and post- weld heating and other related issues.

The first publication titled The Principal Arc Welding Processes is now available. HFT® Chairman Ron Sewell, has welcomed the series saying: “Availability of this type of information is long overdue and we have therefore commissioned the preparation of Welding Knowledge from our independent engineering consultants.”

Technical Sales Manager at HFT, Luke Keane said: “Our customers often request clarification on the use of our welding products and Welding Knowledge will satisfy the evident need for more information.”

If you would be interested in publishing HFT®’s ‘Welding Knowledge’ Series, please contact me and I will be happy to provide the text along with high resolution images.

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