We are Pleased to Announce that we Have Reached a Significant Milestone in our Safety Initiative.

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in our safety initiative. We have worked over 500 days without a time lost accident. As of this release, we are at 569 days.

Since 2013, we have set out to elevate our safety performance. We have implemented the following:

• Incorporated Buy-in from all layers of the workforce and of management, up to and including the CEO.

• Formed a safety committee consisting of various positions throughout the company.

• Increased training in all aspects of safety.

• Expansive on-boarding of new hires.

• Perform comprehensive shop and field audits.

• MSHA and OSHA training and refreshers

• Daily Safety huddles.

• Decreased our Experience Modification Rate from 1.27 to 1.001.

In a continued effort to provide the detail that we feel our safety department deserves, GSI hired Sheldon Bennett, Safety Coordinator in Dec. 2015. Sheldon will work with Greg Esh, Director of Safety and Human Resources. Greg and Sheldon, will continue to lead and update training in all areas of safety.

“At Goodhart Sons, Inc., safety is the top priority. It comes before profitability or production.”, says Marc Goodhart, President of Goodhart Sons, Inc. “We are continuously making improvements to our safety program in an effort to improve the safety culture here at Goodhart Sons, Inc. “

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