WARDJet Announces DSG Waterjet as Authorized Representative in United Kingdom

After directors Carl Sandell and Andy Dodd of DSG Waterjet, UK, joined WARDJet’s KITributor program—assembling, installing and supporting turnkey WARDKit units in the United Kingdom — they were asked to become WARDJet’s authorized representatives in the UK.

With their combined experience and skill set, DSG is one of the few companies in the UK who is able to service a variety of waterjet brands. With their central location and team of skilled technicians, DSG Waterjet will be able to handle service for WARDJet’s UK customer base. As the only authorized representatives for WARDJet in the UK, DSG is also offering the full line of WARDJet waterjets and accessories, from budget-friendly machines to complex custom waterjet systems. For more information, visit WARDJet UK’s website at www.wardjet.co.uk or DSG Waterjet’s website at www.dsgwaterjet.co.uk.  


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