Walker Magnetics Adds Finishing "Touch" to Material Handling for Burning Table Applications

Worcester, MA, - Walker Magnetics, the international leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic products for industrial applications, introduces the world's first and only human machine interface (HMI) for burning table applications.

Walker Magnetics' HMI brings unusual capacity and flexibility to burning table applications. But what makes their system go from unusual to unique is its exclusive operator interface-a touch screen panel. Walker Magnetics' new system with HMI mimics the most modern CNC control panels. Its multiple screens give the operator a clear visual of all system functions, providing instant access to information, feedback and options.

Using the screen, the operator can easily choose which individual or group of lifting devices to use-magnets or vacuum pads. The operator selects what he wants to lift. Brings it to the burning table. Selects. Cuts. Loads and unloads. All faster and easier than ever before. All with a touch of the screen. No more toggles or switches. One Walker Magnetics' HMI screen can replace hundreds of wires needed for a conventional system.

The new system has the ability to handle plates as large as 10' x 50'. And as small as
2' x 3'. It also offers greater flexibility. In addition to magnets, it's a vacuum system. If you want to handle very thin steel plate, or aluminum plate, or brass plate, or composite plate, with Walker Magnetics' system, you can just activate the vacuum cups that are right next to the magnets.

Whether it's for servicing one burning table or multiple tables, Walker Magnetics' HMI system handles everything effectively and efficiently. It maximizes your torch time letting you cut more parts per shift and move parts through the shop on time.

This level of functionality and ease of use is a first for the industry. And with Walker Magnetics, it's right at your fingertips

For more information on Walker Magnetics human machine interface system for burning table applications, contact WALKER MAGNETICS, 20 Rockdale Street, Worcester, MA 01606, call Dave Wilber at 1-508-853-3232, email dwilber@walkermagnet.com. Or visit www.walkermagnet.com/news.

About Walker Magnetics Group

Walker Magnetics Group, Inc., a privately owned company, is the largest company in the world providing custom design and manufacture of magnetic products for workholding, material handling and separation applications. Founded in 1896 in Worcester, Massachusetts by Oakley S. Walker, the inventor of the electromagnetic chuck, the company has grown from a manufacturer of one primary product, the electromagnetic chuck, to a global concern. Walker Magnetics Group designs and manufactures a wide range of permanent, electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnet products and systems for industrial applications. Headquartered where it all began in Worcester, Massachusetts, Walker Magnetics Group's reach is international. The company delivers its diverse product line to over 190 countries worldwide. Visit Walker Magnetics Group at www.walkermagnet.com.


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