Wahl Instruments, Inc and United Infrared, Inc. Announce Wahl's Platinum Sponsorship

Asheville, NC - Wahl Instruments, Inc and United Infrared, Inc. announce Wahl's Platinum Sponsorship of the 2013 United Infrared Thermal Imaging Conference. Held in San Diego, CA June 3-6, 2013, Thermal Imaging Conference 2013 features an exhibition hall, as well as more than 50 breakout educational sessions covering a variety of thermal imaging applications. Wahl Instruments, Inc. will be featuring our third generation of Heat Spy Thermal Imaging cameras.

The Wahl Heat Spy is the World's First Upgradeable Thermal Imager - upgrade in the field after purchase to expand the functionality of your camera. Extend the temperature range or add Wide Angle and/or Telescopic Lenses to your imager. Prolong the life of your investment by adding features when you need them. Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Cameras feature SPY-CARE, the Industry First two-year NO FAULT warranty coverage. This unique and innovative warranty offering covers any unintentional damage or breakage to a Wahl Inspector Series thermal imager within two years of the original purchase date - no matter the cause. If you drop it from a 20ft. ladder, if you back over it with a truck - any unintentional damage Wahl will fix or replace your camera for FREE. Return your Heat Spy Inspector to Wahl Instruments for unlimited repair, and up to one replacement imager - if your camera is irreparable - at any time during the two year warranty period.

Learn more about the Wahl Heat Spy at www.wahlheatspy.com/ and the 2013 United Infrared Thermal Imaging Conference at http://www.thermalimagingconference.com/.

Wahl Heat Spy Thermal Imaging cameras are offered by Wahl Instruments, Inc. domestic and international distribution network.

For additional information please contact us at sales@palmerwahl.com or call 1-800-421-2853, fax 828-658-0728. Write to Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, NC 28804. Visit our web site at www.wahlheatspy.com.

About Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, with more than 176 years of continuous product innovation, started as America's first thermometer company in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development geared exclusively towards industrial process measurement, test and calibration. Operating from a modern facility in Asheville, NC since 1987, and acquiring Wahl Instruments, Inc. in 1997, Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is uniquely qualified to provide application/technical support, calibration services and product selection from an extensive line of the finest instrumentation products. For more information, visit www.palmerwahl.com.

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