WAC Lighting, Global Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing Leader, Develops Innovative LED and OLED Lighting Solutions

Garden City, New York - Undoubtedly, solid-state technology has created a significant impact on the lighting industry within the past few years. WAC Lighting has evolved into a global manufacturing leader of solid state lighting that designs, engineers and produces a broad range of lighting products using the latest state of the art LED technology, for luxury residential, retail, hospitality, commercial, architectural and institutional applications. The extensive and diverse line includes LEDme® Recessed Downlights; InvisiLED® tape systems for indoor and outdoor applications; LEDme® Pendants and Fixtures; LEDme® Step and Wall Lights, LEDme® Button Lights and Light Bars, and Organic LED fixtures.

To reflect the company's "Responsible Lighting" brand standard and Green strategies, WAC developed energy efficient solid-state luminaires. "Responsible Lighting" reflects WAC's holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism, while supporting diversity and goodwill in the local and global communities. WAC's LED luminaires help increase the value of customer homes and businesses with improved beauty, energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and performance. These efficient lighting solutions reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while preserving long lasting durability.

State of the Art Technology and Innovation

WAC Lighting is committed to state of the art technology and innovation. New Tesla High Output Recessed Downlights have been engineered with innovative Multi-Chip LED technology for optimal thermal management and heat dissipation. Multiple LED dies and chips are packaged with a single primary optic for maximum brightness, better optics and color control and consistency. This technology eliminates multi-shadow effects and enables high performance within diminutive sized luminaires.

Spearheading new solid-state technologies, WAC created the award-winning Organic LED Chandelier, Sol, which utilizes Orbeos OLED panels from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The chandelier's seven remarkably thin (2.1 millimeters), OLED panels employ the world's most revolutionary nanotechnology to distribute white light with optimal color rendering. Circular satellite OLED panels, which rotate up for indirect lighting, and tilt down for direct lighting, do not require any additional lenses or reflectors to diffuse the light, which traditionally results in a 10 to 40 percent loss in efficiency. Inherently sustainable and designed around energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology, the OLED chandelier is crafted of aluminum without the use of heavy metals or other rare-earth materials.

WAC's Hybrid is an exceptionally unique luminaire that merges LED and OLED technology to be used in their most salient functions. Six panels, each offering a slim profile of 4.5mm, feature color changing RGB and white Organic LEDs that can be individually customized using a DMX Controller. The Hybrid performs task lighting with a 12-watt LED multi-chip downlight and eight brilliant faceted crystal brackets illuminated by LEDs, resulting in an optically pure prismatic brilliance and elegance.

InvisiLED® is an award winning LED tape light system designed for custom indoor and outdoor applications. Delivering optimal color rendering and brightness for cove, under counter and accent lighting, the tape lights are offered as both color-changing and color-constant systems. Nearly invisible and flexible enough to negotiate curves, InvisiLED® peels and sticks to any surface. The Outdoor tape can be submersed in up to five feet of water and is ideal for patio and landscape lighting applications.

The InvisiLED Pro Series of LED Tape Lights integrates high performance and innovative technology in a professional grade low profile lighting solution, Already available in 3000K and 4500K color temperatures, a 2700K model has been added to deliver a warm incandescent-like white light.

LEDme Step and Wall Lights are designed with a sleek profile and no visible hardware, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Offered in versatile, horizontal and circular scoop designs for a clean, seamless installation, these IP66 rated-luminaires can be dimmed and offer a wide beam angle for broad lighting distribution and deliver balanced, consistent lighting free of shadow and glare.

The new Straight Edge(TM) LED strip lighting system is ideal for under cabinet, cove and niche applications. Designed with a sleek low profile, Straight Edge(TM) is ideal for retail display and residential applications requiring less heat projected onto the items within, and satisfying shallower depths. This luminaire uses low power consumption and strong lumen output, and beautifully illuminates small coves, niches, cabinets, shelves and bookcases.

LEDme® Linear Track Luminaires offer cool operating LED technology that integrates energy savings and long lamp life with sleek, miniature track styles, full scale dimming, high lumen output and aiming adjustability for hard to light spaces, including inside and under cabinets, as well as showcases and retail displays.

A tremendous amount of attention has been invested into designing intricate LED pendants. Glass pendants, some, such as the Gem, Roxy and Cascade are crafted of fine crystal, and other designs such as Rococo, Fugu and Florentine are crafted from mouth blown art glass; all have been designed and engineered around the LED light sources for the finest optics and aesthetics. Integrating precise engineering and design, WAC has created intricate crystal pendants around LEDs. A stunning jellyfish featuring Pacific Northwestern art glass, and a layered flower with Italian opaline glass, are among several pendant styles that incorporate LED technology.

Integrating form and function with state-of-the-art multi-chip LED technology, WAC designed Galileo, a track luminaire that was inspired by observatories that sweep the heavens with a 360-degree rotation. The fixture offers a clean form without altering its profile or interruption to the visual line regardless of its aiming direction. The track luminaire exceeds Energy Star requirements and is a direct replacement for a 50-watt halogen fixture.

Developed to transform low voltage pendants into LED models, WAC's LEDme® Quick Connect socket sets use just five watts and are constructed of aluminum with acrylic diffusers. Using the socket sets, pendants can be dimmed to 15 percent or better and enable the luminaires to operate with WAC's track, rail and canopy mount systems.

Value Engineering

Technical innovation is central to what people have come to expect from the WAC Lighting brand of LED luminaires. Advancements in light sources, materials engineering, electronics, and architecture have always
allowed this company to push the boundaries of engineering and inspire our designs. In engineering our LED products, no detail is too small to overlook. We are committed to superior design for function and aesthetics, solving difficult challenges, as well as building products to last.

Many industry professionals do not realize that WAC Lighting manufactures LED luminaires, as well as many of the LED components including: proprietary owned LED Drivers, Transformers, LED Circuit Boards and PCB Assemblies, LED Modules, LED Reflectors for Optics, LED Connector Accessories, LED Wireless (RF) Dimming Controllers, Heat Sinks and Thermal Management components. The firm has plans to produce Wireless WiFi Control Gear comprising of/ Load Controller, Sensor (Photo) and Wallmount Switch/Dimming Panels.

Supported by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority), WAC Lighting collaborated with the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) to develop high-efficiency LED track luminaires for an art gallery in a suburban library outside of New York City. WAC's new high-efficiency LED track luminaires (Vamp Series) were developed for accent lighting in a variety of applications, including art galleries. This type of accent lighting is designed to reveal the shape, color and texture of the art without producing glare, flicker or distracting shadows to the viewer. The need for accent lighting on art must be balanced with energy codes that limit allowable lighting power usage. Conventional accent lighting for galleries typically consists of aimable track heads with incandescent halogen light sources, such as PAR or MR16 lamps; however, the new LED lighting system offers optimal accent lighting while reducing energy use and maintenance costs.

Nearly 90% of WAC Lighting LED products are fabricated, to a component level, within the family owned, USA global headquarters in New York and within the 750,000-square foot manufacturing campus in China. Responsible manufacturing, zero-landfill, energy conservation, stringent sourcing, water recycling, daylight harvesting, and lead-free fabrication are just a few of the strategies implemented by WAC. Its IS-14001/9004-certified manufacturing campus includes UL authorized labs that provide stringent testing of all LED and OLED products for quality control, heat dissipation, performance and weather effects.

LED Color Quality and Consistency

WAC uses the finest LEDs available; all of them meet the highest ANSI (American National Standards Institute) binning standards for outstanding color consistency and rendering, quality, uniformity and light output. LEDs provide designers a new palette of color and enable digital control to deliver a multi-dimensional, interactive experience, maintaining consistency in color over the service life of a product and the project by delivering the most consistent appearance and optimum aesthetic appeal over time.

Reliability and a Commitment to Service

WAC offers a stellar reputation for upscale decorative and task LED luminaires backed by an extraordinary level of service, an unprecedented shipping record and complete inventories in regional distribution centers in New York and California. Many of WAC's LED luminaires are offered with replaceable LED modules.

All LED products are manufactured with highly durable hardware and components; some with weather-resistant and abrasive-resistant finishes. The LEDs project very little heat, without UV or infrared radiation, and are ideal for illuminating color sensitive or perishable items. In addition, many of the LED luminaires can be dimmed, some dimmed to just one percent. LED luminaires are developed to offer long life; most are rated up to 50,000 hours. All WAC's LED luminaires are supported by a five-year warranty.

AIA and ALA Accredited Training

The American Lighting Association (ALA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) accredited WAC's training sessions about LED and OLED lighting applications. The program demonstrates how these new light sources function and helps distributors, specifiers and other industry professionals to learn more about advanced lighting technologies.

Honors and Accolades

WAC's LED Luminaires have received a multitude of honors and accolades. LEDme® Recessed Downlights won the Innovative Green Design Award from New York House Magazine in 2010. LEDme® Quick Connect(TM) Pendants received the 2011 Platinum ADEX Award for Design Excellence, and the LEDme Quick Connect Fixtures received the 2011 Gold ADEX Award. InvisiLED® Outdoor LED Tape Light received a 2011 Platinum ADEX, while Sol, the Organic LED Chandelier, garnered eight awards including three Product Innovation Awards from Architectural Products Magazine and SSL Architectural magazines.

WAC commits to engineer a well-designed product that meets the user's needs while solving problems and rewarding the user with freedom and enjoyment in unexpected ways. Our designers incorporate this standard in each and every project, surprising us with freshness and ingenuity. We welcome you to explore our catalog and website for things that may surprise you too and join us in the pursuit of exceptional lighting.

WAC Lighting Global Headquarters and Eastern Distribution Center is located in Garden City, New York with Western Offices and Distribution Center in City of Industry, California. WAC may be reached at 1.800.526.2588 or by visiting www.waclighting.com.

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