VWR International, Inc. Announces Furnishings Meet CAL 133 Rigorous Fire Test Standard

West Chester, PA, May 30, 2006 - VWR International, Inc. introduces new
VWR Contour Chairs and Stools from the VWR Collection to meet CAL 133
full-scale fire tests. Several states in the United States, the United
Kingdom, and parts of Europe have adopted fire regulations based on CAL
133 for occupancies including public buildings, educational, laboratory
and clinical settings.

In Boston, all upholstered seating furniture sold for use in public
occupancies must meet CAL 133, and the standard applies to furnishings
in certain conditions and settings in California, Illinois,
Massachusetts and Minnesota. Certified laboratory test results have
shown that the special vinyl used in the VWR Contour Line of upholstered
chairs and stools meets the CAL 133 standard. This means that the VWR
Contour Upholstered Lab Chairs, Deluxe Lab Chairs, Deluxe Lab Chairs
with Arms, and Upholstered Stools can be sold into facilities that
require this fire safety standard.

VWR offers a full line of quality lab furniture and components, along
with complete turn-key services to support lab planning, design, and
installation. VWR Collection Products deliver high quality and superior
performance to meet a wide variety of laboratory and research needs. For
more information, contact the VWR Furniture team at 888-624-2432 or
visit www.vwr.com

About VWR International, Inc.

VWR International is a leader in the global research laboratory industry
with worldwide sales of $3.0 billion US dollars. VWR's business is
highly diversified across a spectrum of products and services, customer
groups and geography. The company offers more than 1,200,000 products,
from more than 2,500 manufacturers, to over 250,000 customers throughout
North America and Europe. VWR's primary customers work in the
pharmaceutical, life science, chemical, technology, food processing and
consumer product industries. Other important customers include
universities and research institutes; governmental agencies;
environmental testing organizations; and primary and secondary schools.
VWR International affiliates operate in 20 countries and employ
approximately 6,100 people. The company's mission is to deliver
excellence in the distribution of scientific supplies. The VWR
International Group is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
For more information on VWR International or a free copy of the new
2006-2008 VWR General Catalog, phone 1-800-932-5000, visit www.vwr.com,
or write VWR International, Inc., 1310 Goshen Parkway, P.O. Box 2656,
West Chester, PA 19380-0906.

Contact: Ed Leonardo
Phone: 610-429-2749
Fax: 610-918-0310
Email: Ed_Leonardo@vwr.com

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