Volvo Car Corporation Selects Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp as Manufacturer of Factory-Installed Wireless Alcolock

TORONTO, Canada, October 9 / / - Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp (ACS) has been awarded the
manufacturing contract to produce Volvo Car Corporation's new Alcoguard(TM) - a device aimed at preventing drink driving by requiring the intended driver to pass a breath alcohol test prior to starting the vehicle.

ACS has worked closely with Volvo Cars to manufacture a fully integrated product designed exclusively for most Volvo cars. Rather than fitting a one-size-fits-all alcohol interlock, ACS engineered an entirely new product meeting the strict OEM automotive specifications provided by Volvo Cars.

Bill Burger, Technical Director for ACS stated "It's one thing to have a vehicle manufacturer incorporate your existing product into their vehicle as an aftermarket accessory, but it's quite another to have a vehicle manufacturer request a customised alcohol interlock for mass production." ACS is the first alcohol interlock manufacturer in the world to be awarded such a contract.

The Alcoguard features the convenience of wireless technology allowing it to go with the driver outside of the vehicle. Previously, most alcohol interlocks require the driver to conduct the test while inside the vehicle due to the cable constraints. Although the Alcoguard incorporates relatively new wireless technology, the design has proven reliable in numerous field studies.

To ensure quality standards are maintained, Volvo Cars has insisted ACS meet Q1 standards as defined by Ford - Volvo Cars parent company. ACS is also in the final stages of achieving another automotive standard, TS 16949 which will soon accompany the existing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Serial production is expected to begin in 2008. Customers looking to purchase the Alcoguard should visit their local Volvo Cars dealership in Sweden.

About ACS:

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp is an industry leader of alcohol interlock programs as well as a producer of breath alcohol testing technology.

Our philosophy of providing world-class customer service and conducting continuous scientific research has allowed us to become a premier supplier to industries such as automotive, medical assessment, law enforcement, industrial safety and personal use markets.

Based in Canada since 1976, ACS distributes its products and programs to Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia through ACS global offices and business partners.

Source: Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp

For further information: Media Inquiries: Mr. Bill Burger, Technical Director, Phone: +1-416-619-3500 (Canada), Email:

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