VivoMetrics Incorporates Bluetooth® Wireless Technology into LifeShirt Preclinical System

Enhancement Allows for the Strongest Available Connection between Subjects and Monitoring Instruments

VENTURA, Calif., Aug. 20 / -- VivoMetrics Inc. today announced that it has made significant enhancements to its LifeShirt® Preclinical System by incorporating Bluetooth® wireless technology. The upgraded capabilities of the wireless technology deliver effortless, fast connections between the LifeShirt and data management systems that measure and quantify the research subject's vital signs.

Compared to previous radio technology, Bluetooth wireless technology provides stronger communications frequencies that are less susceptible to outside interference, allowing for communication at longer distances and for greater protection of collected data.

"We are pleased to introduce Bluetooth wireless technology into our recently upgraded LifeShirt Preclinical System," said Paul Kennedy, president and chief executive officer of VivoMetrics. "We chose this connection because it made sense that the most advanced short-range wireless system in the world should be a part of the most advanced, non-invasive, real-time ambulatory monitoring system available."

The newest LifeShirt Preclinical was first introduced by VivoMetrics last March, representing an upgrade from the company's first generation LifeShirt. The enhanced system for preclinical research provides scientists with more efficient, non-invasive, real-time data monitoring; ease of use due to its small size and weight; ECG resolution of 1 KHz; wireless data transmission critical to real-time monitoring, and direct connection to the industry's back-end data management systems.

LifeShirt technology has been used extensively worldwide in clinical studies of human subjects and has proven to be a reliable and beneficial component of research. Since its application to the Preclinical market in 2005, the technology has greatly improved upon previous monitoring methods, particularly in the area of respiration measures, which required extended pre-study acclimation of animal subjects using restraint or other methods to restrict movement, sometimes providing variable results. The addition of Bluetooth wireless technology now provides the ability to collect data from conscious and unrestrained animals, resulting in more accurate and naturalistic data, as well as improved animal welfare, improved data productivity per animal, and reduced costs

About the LifeShirt® Preclinical System

The LifeShirt Preclinical System is the first non-invasive, real-time ambulatory monitoring system that continuously collects, records and analyzes a broad range of cardiopulmonary parameters. Designed specifically for the needs of the Preclinical market, the System includes a lightweight, machine washable garment with embedded sensors that collect pulmonary, cardiac, posture and activity signals from freely moving subjects for up to 24 hours. Data generated is wirelessly transmitted and VivoSoftware® allows researchers to monitor and analyze data of up to 16 subjects in real-time or to be stored for later analysis.

About Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Bluetooth wireless technology is the global short-range wireless standard for personal connectivity of a broad range of electronic devices. The technology is now available in its fourth version of the core specification and continues to develop, building on its inherent strengths -- small-form factor radio, low power, low cost, built-in security, robustness, ease-of-use, and ad hoc networking abilities.

About VivoMetrics

VivoMetrics, founded in 1999 and based in Ventura, Calif., provides non-invasive products and services, using its proprietary LifeShirt® technology, which continuously monitor vital, life-sign functions, such as heart rate, ECG, respiration rate, flow, and volume, posture, and activity. The company's offerings, based on patented, field-tested technologies, were initially focused on improving the speed, outcomes and economics of pharmaceutical research. Since its inception, the company has further expanded its offerings for use by military, first responder and biohazard personnel, as well as athletes and for clinical, academic and corporate research.

Source: VivoMetrics Inc.

CONTACT: Aimee Corso, +1-310-780-2661,, for VivoMetrics Inc.

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