Vitronics Soltec Launches XPM2+ Reflow System; All the Performance 'Plus' Enhanced Features

Stratham, New Hampshire, USA - Customers of Vitronics Soltec's successful XPM2 Reflow System can now get all of the performance and reliability that the system is known for, plus some enhanced features, in the XPM2+. There's a lot that's new, while the exterior of the XPM2+ boasts a better, leaner look, the main enhancements are to its conveyor system; cooling system; electrical control system; software and user interface.

The improved features in the XPM2+ are great additions to a proven platform, according to Mick Austin, Sales Director - Americas. "We've kept everything that engineers love about the XPM2 - such as its performance and ease of use; in addition to enhancing it in many ways. The XPM2+ delivers value, durability, and improved functionality. "Most important to note is the fact that the heater technology of the XPM2+ has not changed. Thermal profiles developed previously for products processed on existing XPM2 systems are directly transferable to the new XPM2+resulting in seamless integration with their current recipes. It's basically 'plug and play'" he added. "The XPM2+ is a powerful system with excellent thermal transfer, resulting in minimal ΔT's, robust process control, and flexible cooling packages, all designed to handle the challenges of today's lead-free soldering."

Vitronics Soltec specializes in the design and manufacturing of mass soldering equipment for the global circuit board assembly market, and includes Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering technologies. Vitronics Soltec designs and manufactures its systems in three facilities, located in Stratham, New Hampshire, USA; Oosterhout, The Netherlands; and Suzhou, China. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Holland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Shanghai. For more information about the company, visit:, or contact the company at 2 Marin Way, Stratham, NH 03885, Tel. (603) 772-7778, Fax (603) 772-9340, E-mail:

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