Vital Hospital Computers Protected by Kellett Enterprises

When one of Kellett Enterprises' latest customers prepared for a 110,000 square foot addition to their hospital, they faced significant vibration issues that could have potentially impacted the hospital's computer servers that were just eight feet from the demolition site.

No worries though, the Kellett team had the perfect remedy for the problem.

As hospital officials prepared to demolish their main lobby to make way for the new addition, a whole host of potential disruptions had to be addressed, namely how to protect and lessen the vibration to the hospital's vitally important computer servers.
Such sustained vibration could have permanently damaged the computer systems, and ultimately have been detrimental to patient care.

Protective cushioning was necessary to lessen the impact, but no ordinary pads would do the job.

The servers were on computer racks, and as such, the Kellett team resolved the issue and prevented the damage by recommending removal of the casters on the server racks and replacing with four 7" x 21" x ¾" - 50 durometer and eight 5" x 5" x ¾" - 50 durometer, LP-13 Shake Absorber® Vibration Isolation Pads.

The pads were all placed underneath and on the sides of the servers.

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