Versatile Continuous Peeler/Scrubber/Washer offers Quick Product Changeover

Creston, IA - Vanmark's Model 2420 machines installed around the world are the most efficient smaller volume continuous peeler/scrubber/washers in their class and are ideal for vegetable operations running with one or a wide variety of products. Vanmark's exclusive quick-change roll system makes reconfiguration simple when switching between products as well as fresh potatoes versus potatoes from storage to minimize downtime. The machine's robust design can handle thousands of pounds per hour of root crops, vegetable and fruits.

Product enters the inlet chute and is cleaned or peeled by rollers which repeatedly contact and tumble the product until it exits the machine. The amount of material removed is fully controlled by a combination of roll type, roll speed and discharge gate settings. Integral spray bars and an optional reversing roll help quickly remove peel waste and debris and increase efficiency. A wide variety of abrasive, brush and other roll types are available to meet processing specifications.

A simple to use inverter includes a user-friendly integrated control that enables fast "plug in and drive" start up. A virtually maintenance free drive includes a stainless steel case, no-lube bearings and durable PolyChain(TM) belts.

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Since developing the first commercial continuous potato peeler in 1954, Vanmark has been the globally recognized leader in the manufacture of industrial food processing solutions for a wide range of root crops, vegetables and fruit. Our equipment is designed to specifically meet the challenges of many processing applications from peeling, scrubbing and washing, to inspecting, storing, conveying and product handling. Vanmark Equipment, LLC is a subsidiary of Grote Company, Columbus, Ohio.

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