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Varian, Inc. Shows New Products at PITTCON® 2008

Information Rich Detection systems, consumables, data systems, and vacuum components shown for first time at trade show

NEW ORLEANS, March 3 - New information rich detection systems and laboratory consumables showcase Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) technologies for solving important life science and chemical analysis challenges at the 2008 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON). Booth # 4621

At PITTCON 2008, Varian, Inc. highlights the following products:


The Varian 920-LC is a fully automated, computer controlled analytical HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) system that offers "Fast LC" capabilities, state of the art performance, improved productivity, high sensitivity detectors and a fully automated validation package for customers who operate in a regulated environment. The system is preconfigured, pre-plumbed and pre-tested before shipment, significantly reducing the time required to achieve maximum sample throughput. A choice of built-in, programmable dual-wavelength or information-rich Diode Array (190-900 nm) UV-Vis detectors feature low noise and high sensitivity to deliver lower detection limits for trace analysis. Optional fluorescence, refractive index, and evaporative light scattering detectors allow a wide variety of analyses to be performed with the 920-LC.


The 940-LC is a dedicated analytical to semi-preparative (semi-prep) system. It can be used both as an analytical HPLC and for scaling-up flows to work with larger capacity preparative scale columns.

The Varian 940-LC saves time and valuable sample material by allowing chromatographers to optimize their separations and collect purified components on the same instrument. Delivering flow rates of 0.025 ml/min up to 200 ml/min, the 940-LC is suitable for use with both 4.6 mm ID analytical columns and, following a linear scale-up, 2" semi-preparative columns. Users can maintain the separation and resolution of the smaller column while significantly increasing the mass of purified material.

Fast LC Columns

Pursuit® XRs Ultra 2.8 and Pursuit UPS 2.4 columns allow chromatographers to achieve "Fast LC" with HPLC and LC/MS systems at a fraction of the cost of ultra-high pressure systems. Pursuit XRs Ultra 2.8 provides enhanced speed for virtually any HPLC instrument. Optimized 2.8 micron silica particles allow chemists to increase flow rates and use a wide range of mobile phases without going above the maximum operating pressure of the instrument. At the same time, it delivers better resolution (10-15% higher efficiency) than typical 3 micron columns. Users can get high speed performance from conventional LC systems, avoiding the need to invest in new equipment. Pursuit UPS 2.4 columns are designed to provide improved performance on standard 'low dead-volume' HPLC systems without the need for ultra-high pressures. With approximately 50% lower back pressure than sub-2 micron columns, and near equal efficiencies, Pursuit UPS 2.4 delivers better resolution and increased sensitivity at moderate flows and back pressures.


Two new TOP (Trityl-on Oligonucleotide Purification) products are available for the purification of synthetic oligonucleotides (oligos): TOP-DNA and TOP-RNA. Both TOP products allow full length oligos to bind to the sorbent bed while salts, incomplete oligos and other impurities are washed away. Subsequent cleavage of the protective dimethoxytrityl ("trityl") groups releases the purified completed product. Purification and de-tritylation within the TOP cartridge results in higher yields and greater purity of synthesized product in less time than with alternative methods. TOP-DNA is designed to purify both short and long DNA oligos using a common method. TOP-RNA is a complete solution that includes cartridges and proprietary buffers specifically for RNA oligos.


The VF-WAXms capillary gas chromatography (GC) column is designed for applications in the food, flavor and fragrance industries, especially where trace analysis is required. VF-WAXms is the first wax column designed to provide high performance GC with all analytical detectors, including MS detectors. VF-WAXms accomplishes this by virtue of its highly inert stationary phase that minimizes column breakdown, or bleed. Bleeding contaminates detectors, reducing productivity, increasing downtime and costs, and increasing background noise in the chromatography system. The background noise can also mask the presence of very low levels of compounds. Therefore, the ultra-low bleed characteristics are particularly important as statutory methods increasingly demand lower detection limits. VF-WAXms has the lowest bleed of any wax column available, offering a marked advantage over conventional wax columns in the determination of trace constituents.

Plexa(TM) PCX

The new Plexa PCX is designed specifically to provide a single, simple solid phase extraction (SPE) method for basic compounds. It is ideal for applications in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, forensics, toxicology, food safety and environmental investigation. Plexa PCX uses a polymer cation exchange mechanism that combines the outstanding properties of Varian's Bond Elut® Plexa - superior flow characteristics and improved analytical performance - with strong cation exchange capability. This advanced SPE sorbent effectively removes neutral and acidic interferences from the sample matrix and concentrates basic analytes, resulting in improved sensitivity, quantification and analytical performance. Both Bond Elut Plexa and Plexa PCX reduce ion suppression. The unique polymer design excludes proteins and avoids strong binding of phospholipids, so efficient removal of these interferences from biological samples is ensured.

IDP-3 Dry Scroll Pump

The innovative IDP-3 brings the proven benefits of dry scroll technology to applications where vacuum performance, pump size and environmental concerns are critical. Its small size, low noise and low power demand allow easy integration into OEM systems. This pump provides affordable oil-free vacuum for a wide variety of applications from analytical instrumentation and high energy physics to semiconductor fabrication and industrial processing. The IDP-3 allows full isolation of all pumped gases and the scroll pump design minimizes the possibility of catastrophic failures such as seizing or sudden vacuum loss inherent to rotary vane or diaphragm pumps. The IDP-3 measures 14 x 7 x 6 inches (356 x 178 x 152 mm), yet delivers a robust pumping speed of 60 L/m and a very low base pressure of less than 250 mTorr - almost four times lower than an equivalently sized membrane/diaphragm pump. The oil free design not only negates the possibility of oil contamination in the vacuum system, but it reduces the total cost of ownership by completely eliminating the cost of oil and related maintenance costs for its filling, disposal, and cleanup.

300-MS GC/MS

The 300-MS is designed to enhance productivity in high-throughput, routine laboratories and is available as a triple-quadrupole MS or a single-quadrupole MS that can later be upgraded to a triple-quadrupole. It is capable of screening or quantifying more than 150 compounds in a single sample run. A choice of sample introduction and ionization methods addresses the complete range of sample types encountered in routine GC/MS laboratory. Both CI (chemical ionization) and EI (electron ionization) are available for sensitive detection and structural confirmation. The 300-MS is controlled by MS Workstation which automatically handles quantitation and data review for the large volume of samples and compounds analyzed in a high-throughput laboratory. In a addition to the 300-MS, Varian offers a complete GC/MS solution to its customers, including: a choice of autosamplers, Varian's MS Workstation (v6.9) software, industry standard gas chromatographs, and a comprehensive line of chromatography columns including FactorFour® low bleed GC columns.


The 400-DS dissolution system is designed to simplify the testing of drug formulations with extremely low quantities of active ingredients. It meets the compendial requirements of a USP Apparatus 7 and supports the testing of combinatorial products in which small amounts of drug are combined as part of a medical device such as a stent or implant. The instrument was designed to minimize evaporation, resulting in greater accuracy of test results (less than 0.2% volume loss per 24 hours, even when used with aqueous-organic solutions.) The closed-cell design of the 400-DS features a patent-pending magnetic reciprocation mechanism for mixing. Media replacement and sampling capabilities are built into the instrument. The 400-DS can run up to 13 samples at one time and is available in both 5 and 10 mL versions, significantly smaller media volumes than is common with traditional dissolution apparatus. The 400-DS is controlled by a PC using Varian software that provides compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for pharmaceutical laboratories. The software simplifies method management, system configuration, data security, record retention and audit features. A single PC can independently control up to four 400-DS units.

Flash Chromatography

Analogix' leading flash chromatography technology is now a part of Varian, Inc. The IntelliFlash 310(TM) purification instrument increases productivity for medicinal chemists through its "Ready to Run" technology which assures the system's readiness and guides user setup. Exclusive multiple UV wavelength collection and detection technology effectively eliminate sample impurities. Advanced rack management with RFID technology, fraction collector feedback systems and run finalization minimize previously uncontrolled sources of sample loss. When used in combination with SuperFlash purification columns, the Intelliflash 310 reliably delivers separations with high quality peak shapes that maximize compound recovery. A large selection of column sizes provides users with cost-effective choices. Advanced sorbent options handle the most demanding compound purifications.

PL aquagel-OH(TM)

Polymer Laboratories, a part of Varian, Inc. (Booth #4521) has expanded its PL aquagel-OH range of columns for aqueous size exclusion chromatography (SEC) by releasing the new PL aquagel-OH 10 (8 micron) column for the analysis of oligomers and low molecular weight polymers. The popular 8 micron particle size offers high resolution yet ensures that back pressures remain low during analysis. The addition of the PL aquagel-OH 10 8 micron column completes the PL aquagel-OH range, allowing chemists to undertake the comprehensive analysis of all water soluble polymers, from high molecular weight synthetic polymers and biomolecules down to very low molecular weight oligomers.


The PolarGel-L gel permeation chromatography (GPC) column, also from Varian Polymer Laboratories, extends the successful PolarGel(TM) range of columns for the analysis of polymers soluble in polar solvents. Complementary to PolarGel-M, PolarGel-L offers excellent resolution of lower molecular weight polymers such as condensation polymers from step growth polymerization. Packed with material of the same chemistry as PolarGel-M, the new PolarGel-L column is also designed for the analysis of polar compounds using both polar eluents and eluents containing solvent mixtures such as water with high organic content, cementing the PolarGel product range as the columns of choice for chemists faced with difficult polymer analyses.

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Varian, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of scientific instruments and vacuum technologies for life science and industrial applications. The company provides complete solutions, including instruments, vacuum products, laboratory consumable supplies, software, training and support through its global distribution and support systems. Varian, Inc. employs approximately 3,900 people worldwide and operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Varian, Inc. had fiscal year 2007 sales of $921 million, and its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol, "VARI." Further information is available on the company's Web site:

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