Varian, Inc. Shows New Products at PITTCON® 2007

Information Rich Detection systems, consumables, data systems, and vacuum components shown for first time at trade show

CHICAGO, Feb. 26 // -- New information rich detection systems and laboratory consumables showcase Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) technologies for solving important life science and chemical analysis challenges at the 2007 Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON). Booth #3632

At PITTCON 2007, Varian, Inc. highlights the following products:

o The 700-ES series of ICP-OES instruments is designed to meet the needs
of scientists working in a variety of application areas ranging from
environmental to pharmaceutical. The 710-ES series is an entry-level
instrument designed for budget-conscious laboratories performing
routine ICP-OES analyses. These instruments are ideal for educational
institutes and for industries that need to comply with environmental
protection laws and regulations such as the European Union's directives
on the Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and on
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The 720-ES and 730-ES
series set a new benchmark in speed and performance. A patented CCD
detector delivers the world's best performing and fastest ICP-OES
platform, ideal for high-throughput contract laboratories in
environmental, petrochemical and geological applications.

o The 400-MR magnetic resonance spectrometer gives non-specialists access
to state-of-the-art methods for molecular characterization and
quantitation. Complex data acquisition sequences, used to gather
detailed information about molecular structures or the composition of
mixtures, are available at the push of a button. Varian's unique
electronic architecture ensures reliable detection and quantification
of minor components in mixtures, cell extracts for example, with
minimal sample preparation. The compact footprint of the 400-MR makes
it easier to accommodate in small analytical laboratories in
pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and academic environments.

o 320-MS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (MS) is capable of femtogram
detection limits and a mass range up to 2000 Da to identify a wide
range of compounds. A unique design enables researchers to switch
between a LC (liquid chromatography) and GC (gas chromatography)
format. The instrument requires less than 72 cm of linear bench
space -- substantially less than other systems. Environmental
scientists use LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS to identify, confirm and quantify
contaminants in drinking water, waste-water, and soil. MS can also be
used in food and agriculture applications to confirm and quantify
pesticide residues and ingredients in food, or in pharmaceutical
applications to determine the presence of drug metabolites in blood and

o The new 212-LC LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) pump is
designed to meet the needs of scientists working in a variety of
application areas ranging from environmental to pharmaceutical. The
212-LC is an advanced low delay volume chromatography pump ideal for
laboratories performing research or routine LC/MS analyses with
industry-standard 2 mm columns. Typical applications include the
analysis of trace level compounds in foods, environmental samples and
in biological matrices where high sensitivity, high throughput and
precise quantitation are critical.

o Bond Elut(R) Plexa(TM) is a new generation of polymeric solid phase
extraction (SPE) laboratory consumable products that delivers improved
analytical performance, ease of use and a faster, more streamlined
sample preparation process to pharmaceutical researchers involved in
clinical and preclinical research studies. Bond Elut Plexa's advanced
polymeric design, featuring a hydroxylated exterior and a polarity
gradient within the pores, improves extract cleanliness and analyte
recovery, resulting in improved analytical sensitivity and superior
data quality. These improvements are achieved with very simple SPE
methods, thereby minimizing or eliminating method development and
streamlining method validation.

o Pursuit(R) XRs Prep columns are specifically designed for benchtop
preparative liquid chromatography (LC) applications. Formulated for use
in the pharmaceutical, biotech and natural product industries, these
columns help scientists, particularly those in pre-clinical development
increase productivity by enabling more product to be purified in less
time. Pursuit XRs Prep columns provide fast, high-resolution
separations, and at the same time allow the highest available mass
loading. Combining high ligand density with both 5 and 10 micron,
100 angstrom, high surface area silica, Pursuit XRs Prep columns enable
up to 2.5 times more material to be purified per run so
pre-clinical researchers can quickly obtain large amounts of
high-purity product. These columns extend Varian's Pursuit XRs line of
ultra-high resolution analytical columns into preparative applications.
Both the analytical and preparative columns are available in C8, C18
and Diphenyl phases.

o VF- Pesticides GC Columns (VF-5 Pesticides and VF-1701 Pesticides) are
highly inert, ultra low bleed GC columns for the analysis of trace
(picogram) levels of pesticides in food and environmental samples.
Column bleed is characterized by a baseline that rises as the column
temperature is increased. Reduction of this bleeding improves signal
to noise allowing greater accuracy in the quantitation of trace
analytes. VF-1701 Pesticides offers up to a 10 fold reduction in bleed
relative to other columns tested. Quantitation is also improved through
better peak shapes resulting from the highly inert columns. Proven with
both ECD (Electron Capture) and MS (Mass Spectrometry) detection, each
column is individually tested with key pesticides including endrin and
aldrin before shipment to ensure optimal peak shape and sensitivity.

o Varian Capillary and Nano LC columns provide outstanding resolution and
sensitivity for bottom-up and top-down proteomics applications.
Capillary and Nano LC columns are available in an array of choices
regarding sorbent materials, pore size, column ID (75 micron and 320
micron), and length. Both ends of the column incorporate frits to
ensure reproducibility, packed bed stability, and long column life. The
standard 1/16 in. fittings provide flexible, universal and robust
connections to most capillary/nano LC systems.

o Galaxie(TM) Scheduler is a multi-instrument, open-access software
application that optimizes workflow by providing a seamless link
between any Laboratory Information System (LIMS) and Varian's Galaxie
Chromatography Data System. Designed initially for the petrochemical
industry, Galaxie Scheduler can be used in any routine chromatography
laboratory environment to automate the scheduling and running of
samples on any designated instrument from a single, easily accessible
screen. Scheduler minimizes manual operations and thereby reduces
operator error and improves sample throughput and overall laboratory
productivity. Galaxie Scheduler is compatible with any GC or HPLC
instrument supported by the Galaxie Chromatography Data System and
works with virtually any available LIMS.

o Quick Access(TM)software enables users of Varian's MS Workstation to
increase their productivity by directing operator workflows and
optimizing usage of multiple systems from a single computer. It has
been designed for use in high-throughput laboratories in the
pharmaceutical and environmental testing industries to simplify and
optimize the workflow for casual operators. A single, skilled MS
"administrator" can set up methods and monitor analyses for dozens of
users. Through an easy-to-use computer interface, the software directs
operators to submit their samples to the appropriate system with the
shortest queue.

o Turbo-V(TM) 81 series pumps can increase instrument sensitivity in
application areas that demand high vacuum integrity such as mass
spectrometry, electron microscopy, and high energy physics. The
Turbo-V 81-T represents a cost effective solution that in a more
compact design offers significantly higher performance than most turbo
pumps of the same class. The higher foreline tolerance of the Turbo-V
81-M allows the use of smaller primary pumps, reducing overall system
costs. Both models offer greater pumping speeds with reduced power
consumption compared to the Varian Turbo-V 70 series pumps that they

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Varian, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of scientific instruments and vacuum technologies for life science and industrial applications. The company provides complete solutions, including instruments, vacuum components, laboratory consumable supplies, software, training and support through its global distribution and support systems. Varian, Inc. employs approximately 3,700 people and operates manufacturing facilities in 13 locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Varian, Inc. had fiscal year 2006 sales of $835 million, and its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol, "VARI". Further information is available on the company's Web site:

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