Van Der Graaf Inc. Offers Swap Program for Drum Motors Used in Wash-Down Applications

Van der Graaf, Inc., the leading manufacturer of drum motors for a broad range of material handling applications, has recently offered a "SWAP" Program. The program, initially intended for food handling wash-down applications allows customers to send their drum motors to any Van der Graaf facility and the units will be upgraded to the latest design and/or exchanged for the newest models for the standard repair cost. Customers currently using Van der Graaf drum motors will benefit by having the existing motor warranty reset to the current date as if they had just purchased a new unit.

The SWAP Program was developed for drum motors in food-handling applications that may have been designed with a sealing system not capable of withstanding the new high pressure wash-down methods. For the past 25 years, Van der Graaf has manufactured drum motors for belt conveyors in food processing facilities where sanitary oversight and wash-down procedures are critical. The biggest challenge has always been keeping water away from the vital drive components, i.e. the electric motor.

Van der Graaf introduced various designs of hermetically sealed drum motors, with water penetration resistant features. In 2006, they introduced a state-of-the-art drum motor named the SSV specifically designed for the food industry. The motor's sealing design withstands wash-down pressures up to 2500 psi and eliminates the recessed fasteners or cavities that may trap bacteria on conventional drum motors.

A unique feature on the SSV models is the laser etched electrical and mechanical data on the end flange thus eliminating the affixed nameplate that may collect bacteria. All exterior components, motor shell, shafts and end flanges are made from 304 or 316 stainless steel. The heart of the conveyor drive is the electric drum motor that is totally encapsulated under vacuum allowing operation even if the seals are breached and water penetrates the unit. The SSV design has been proven successful in meat and poultry plants and a wide variety of other wash-down applications.

Authorized facilities for the "SWAP" Program are located in Atlanta, Ga., Fresno, Calif., and Toronto, ON. For more information on the "SWAP" Program contact Van der Graaf Inc., 2 Van der Graaf Court, Brampton, Ontario L6T 5R6 Canada, phone 888-326-1476, fax 905-793-8129,

For: Van der Graaf Inc.
Brampton, Ontario L6T 5R6 Canada

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