ValidSoft and VEN Partner to Bring Advanced Cyber Security and Identity Theft Protection Solutions to Virtual Currencies

LONDON and LAS VEGAS - ValidSoft (, a global supplier of advanced telecommunications based fraud prevention, authentication and transaction verification solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (NYSE MKT: ETAK), is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ven,, a leading global virtual currency managed by the Hub Culture Group,

Following a stringent technical evaluation process, ValidSoft was selected by Ven for its state-of-the-art, specialized purpose security architecture SMART™ (Secure Mobile Architecture for Real-Time Transactions™) to underpin its own advanced consumer offerings in social networking and virtual exchange. The derivative platform, known as SMARTvc, is aimed specifically at addressing inherent security needs in virtual currencies - subscription, management, administration - and ensuring the integrity of transactions resulting from the global usage of virtual currencies where authentication, privacy and/or data integrity is paramount. Ven will debut platform extensions featuring scalable security solutions later this year with an expanded set of consumer offerings with corporate partners.

Pat Carroll, CEO of ValidSoft stated, "We are excited about our partnership with Ven and see incredible potential for ValidSoft solutions in the global use of Ven, the premier global virtual currency and the established leader in financial markets for hedging, carbon trading and environmental offsets. We believe that virtual currencies are at an inflection point and will increasingly become an important aspect of global trading in general. Based on the wide range of uses for virtual currencies, the fraud community will increasingly focus their attention on such currencies and we believe we offer Ven and others the most advanced security protection available in the world today. Traditional security methods are inadequate and unsuitable for the world of virtual currencies, in particular where transactions will be increasingly carried out in the mobile world. We have customized our SMARTvc™ architecture for authenticating mobile payments utilizing virtual currencies transactions and we intend to become the industry leader in securing the virtual currency space."

Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director of Hub Culture, commented, "As the scale of complexity in virtual currency economies explodes, we are determined to design and implement the most user friendly and secure capabilities to safeguard against inevitable attempts by fraudsters to take advantage of emerging financial exchange methods. The Central Ven Reserve System currently identifies transactions to mitigate issues around compliance, money laundering and theft, and customized SMARTvc architectures will be at the core of new exchanges linking Ven to other virtual assets.  We are honored to collaborate with a world class company like ValidSoft in redefining Fraud Prevention™ and are delighted Ven will be at the core of ValidSoft's work to enhance security in this brave new world."

"Hub Culture is leading the world in the creation of green, clean and transparent financial ecosystems, and making sure these new capabilities employ a new world standard of safety, privacy and security for our members. Thanks to this partnership with ValidSoft, Ven will accelerate its evolution as a cutting edge global financial tool. As Ven moves from the relative confines of Hub Culture into digital financial markets, they will embed security as a core element in all levels of Ven - from P2P transactions and corporate holdings to trading markets for equities, commodities and other currencies. Ven's 100% reserve backing, unique environmental DNA, diversified price stability and ease of use are enhanced by this serious approach to security standards. This will help cement Ven as the transparent, green, trusted choice for consumers, corporations and governments seeking to benefit from the opportunities presented by virtual currency," Stalnaker added.

About Elephant Talk:

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (NYSE MKT: ETAK) provides a proprietary Software Defined Network Architecture (Software DNA™) for the telecommunications industry that empowers Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Enablers (MVNEs) and Aggregators (MVNAs) with a full suite of applications, support- and managed-services. These solutions and services can be deployed onsite, cloud-based (SaaS/PaaS) or hybrid and include Mobile Network Management, Mobile ID, Secure Remote Access Management, Loyalty Management and Transaction Processing Services - all supported by superior industry expertise and high quality customer service. Elephant Talk's solutions avoid the need for prohibitive upfront investment and deliver substantial ROI and ongoing cost-savings over legacy telecommunications systems. Elephant Talk counts several of the world's leading Mobile Network Operators among its customers including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Zain and Iusacell. Visit:

About ValidSoft:

ValidSoft Limited provides B2B mobile- and cloud-security solutions. ValidSoft has developed a sophisticated multi-factor authentication platform (SMART™), which takes full advantage of mobile telecommunication channels and devices and includes a leading proprietary voice biometric engine. These solutions combat electronic fraud and safeguard consumer privacy across internet and mobile banking, credit/debit-card and (mobile and fixed line) telephony channels. ValidSoft's solutions are used to verify the authenticity of both parties to a transaction(Mutual Authentication), ensure the fidelity of telecommunication channels (Secure Communications), and confirm the integrity of transactions themselves (Transaction Verification) - in each case in a manner which is scalable for the mass market, cost-effective, secure and easy to use and deploy. The company counts some of the world's largest financial institutions among its customers. ValidSoft is the only security software company in the world that has been granted three European Privacy Seals. Visit:

About Hub Culture Group:

Hub Culture (2002) is a leading collaboration network focused around the Ven digital currency, workspace Pavilions and Knowledge Brokerage consulting services.  Ven is the premier digital currency, first appearing in 2007 and the first virtual currency to be used for  'real-world' transactions at physical Hub Pavilions, online Hub stores and as a tool for exchange among the global network of Hub Culture members. In 2010, a 100% backing policy for Ven was announced, with a diversified basket of assets including currencies, commodities and carbon futures making up the backing. The inclusion of carbon in the DNA of Ven created a currency asset unlike any other, actively supporting the environment as it grows. To date, over 5 million trees have been protected through Ven, and it is set to have a transformative impact on environmental economics, global hedge strategies, P2P exchange, Internet and M2M payments. Visit:

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