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Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet

Press release date: Aug 28, 2017

Cleatech Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets are vacuum chambers made of 1" thick clear Acrylic designed for vacuum testing.

Type-I includes Removable cover which makes it easy to insert and take out samples.

Type-II comes with front hinged door for easier access to the samples in all shelves.

This model supports vacuum level of 29.8″ Hg and more (> 756 millimeter of Mercury). it is included two vacuum valves mounted to top which allow purging of the desiccator with nitrogen before vacuum is applied; also 3/8″ ID barbed fittings included. Product is available in different sizes.


Vacuum Pump 5.5 CFM

Vacuum Control Unit, 120V (or 220V), Monitors the vacuum level and automatically maintains a preset vacuum level (to 29.5″Hg)

Vacuum Gauge 0 to 30 in.Hg

Additional Perforated Acrylic Shelf

Tubing, Vacuum-Rated 3-A Sanitary Clear PVC, 3/8″ ID


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Sam K.

Marketing Engineer